Best 5 Sites Like Lifehacker

Sites like Lifehacker header may be the place to go for learning new life hacks, but it’s not the only place to get these tips and tricks to making your life easier. We’ve compiled a list below of the five best websites like Lifehacker, so that you can find even more ways to hack life.

1. LifeHack logo is a website that contains many “life hack” articles to make your life easier.  Different from Lifehacker, focuses on your life goals, and how to help you achieve the success that you desire. Select from a list of goals, will tailor your experience to what will most help you in life.  From productivity to money to being tech savvy, strives to help you reach your full potential in particular areas by employing life hacks and self-improvement techniques. 

2. Dumb Little Man

Lifehacker alternative - Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man is a website that gives its users tips for making their life simpler, easier, and generally better. You can easily sort through categories to help improve things such as your finances, your focus, and your health. The articles usually break down how you can make improvements in a “how-to” structure. Dumb Little Man even has a category called “Lifehacks,” so you can life-hack your way to happiness!

3. 1000LifeHacks

1000 Life Hacks logo is a huge collection of life hacks, tips, and tricks to help make your life easier. It contains post-it-note-style images of quick sentences describing life hacks, so you can easily get tips without needing to read through a lengthy article. Browse the main page, sort life hacks by category, or check out some of their videos. is the quickest way to see as many life hacks as possible.

4. Unclutterer

Lifehacker alternative - Unclutterer

Unclutterer is an online blog that focuses on improving your home and office organization. If you want life hacks for staying organized, optimizing space, and just keeping your home neat and tidy, you should check out this blog. You can search through more than 57 categories of life hacks, from “Closets” to “Travel” to “College Life” to “Minimalism.” Unclutterer also has a forum where users can post questions, or share their strategies and experiences. Though Unclutterer isn’t specifically a website about life hacks, you sure will learn a few if you browse through it.

5. Productivity501

Lifehacker alternative - Productivity501

Productivity501 is a blog meant to help improve your productivity – and in turn, your life. Begin by choosing a category – such as “technology” or “time” – to narrow your search down to what will help you most. Then scroll through various articles to start making yourself more productive. Though this blog isn’t about life hacking in the conventional sense, it offers many tips and strategies to improve your productivity, so you can succeed in every facet of your life. If you have trouble focusing or getting things done, give Productivity501 a try.


A few other sites that are like Lifehacker are Lifehacker’s own expansions into specific countries! There is a Lifehacker for Australia, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom. These have all the same content as, but also contain additional articles specific to that particular country.  This helps make your life-hacking even more relevant to you.

There are also many videos and posts online that will show you one life hack at a time. Try using a search engine and typing in your topic, along with the phrase “life hack.” You might be surprised what people have come up with to help with everyday problems.


If you’ve used a website like Lifehacker, why not share your story with our users? Can you think of any websites like Lifehacker that you’d like to see a TechBoomers tutorial on? Comment below and let us know!

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