Best 12 Educational YouTube Channels to Learn Something New

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Everyone loves learning new things. However, it can be time consuming, and for people with a busy schedule, it can be hard to find time to take a class on something you’re interested in. Luckily, there are ways to learn things online in your own home, and one of the best places to learn online is YouTube.

On, you’ll find millions of videos, and hundreds of thousands of channels dedicated to sharing knowledge with others on a variety of topics. We at TechBoomers even have our own YouTube channel, with tons of educational videos on how to use popular websites and apps! Check it out here if you’re interested.

In this article, we’re going to teach you all about educating yourself on YouTube, and we’ll cover topics including:

To start off, let’s talk about what kinds of things you can learn on YouTube.


What can you learn on YouTube?

On YouTube, you can learn about pretty much anything. Anyone can post a video on YouTube and share their knowledge on any given topic, so you can find videos to learn about anything from academia to photography to gardening. YouTube is a great way to learn new things, and it’s completely free to use!

Many channels on YouTube are dedicated to teaching subjects like math, science, music, history, and literature. You can also find tutorials on other things like cooking, knitting, painting, and other hobbies.

With all of the awesome things you can learn on YouTube, you may be wondering which channels are the best for teaching certain topics; we’ll let you in on the top educational YouTube channels for learning subjects generally included in mainstream education.


General Education Channels

1. #Education

Education banner

The #Education channel on YouTube is a channel created by YouTube themselves, featuring some of the most popular educational videos that exist on the site. The channel is very popular, with over 10 million subscribers. The videos featured on the channel are from various independent YouTube channels, and credit still goes to the people who originally created it.

Subscriber count: 10,240,000+


2. CrashCourse

Crash Course banner

CrashCourse is an all-in-one educational resource on YouTube with video courses on subjects including sociology, science, mythology, computer science, history, biology, literature, and more. This one is also very popular, with over 6 million subscribers. Check out their playlists to find educational videos categorized by their subject. If you’re looking for an educational site for your children, their sister channel Crash Course Kids is a great one too!

Subscriber count: 8,900,000+


3. TED-Ed

TED Ed banner

Next up we have the TED-Ed YouTube channel. This channel comes from the makers of and the TED-Ed website. The channel features videos on a wide variety of educational topics, and have been created in collaboration between TED’s talented educators and animation team. They have nearly 5 million subscribers and generally post multiple videos weekly. If you’d like to learn more about the TED website, check out our free course here.

Subscriber count: 5,800,000+


4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy banner

Khan Academy is another great educational YouTube channel. They say that “[their] mission is to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” They have over 3 million subscribers on their channel, and offer video lessons on topics like math, chemistry, biology, and economics. They even have a playlist with lessons to help with SAT test preparation.

Subscriber count: 3,700,000+


5. Google for Education

Google for Education banner

The last general education YouTube channel we want to recommend is Google for Education. On this channel, you can find educational resources designed for teachers and institutions. They have educational videos as well as videos with tips to help teachers out with their work. You can also find information about how to use Google’s products and services to improve your education.

Subscriber count: 90,700+


Those are five of the best educational YouTube channels for general education topics. However, there are plenty of other things you can learn on YouTube that aren’t included in the subject range of these kinds of channels. So now, let’s talk about some channels that are great for learning a new hobby.


Hobby Channels

1. Studio Knit for Knitting

Studio Knit banner

Learn how to knit with host Kristen on the Studio Knit YouTube channel. On this channel, you can find tons of tutorial videos that are great for people who are new to knitting, as well as more advanced techniques for those with some knitting experience. Learn how to do basic knitting patterns as well as fun knit craft ideas! Create your own clothing and home décor with Studio Knit’s awesome videos.

Subscriber count: 117,400+


2. TheArtSherpa for Painting

The Art Sherpa banner

Check out TheArtSherpa YouTube channel to learn how to paint. This channel offers video painting lessons for beginners, so you can have your own personal painting party at home, without having to pay to attend a class in real life. TheArtSherpa also has painting tutorials that are more advanced for people who already have some painting skills, as well as super easy ones suitable for kids!

Subscriber count: 281,800+


3. Gordon Ramsay for Cooking

Gordon Ramsay banner

Even if you don’t get a food network channel on your TV, you can still learn from famous chef Gordon Ramsay on his YouTube channel. This channel has over 4 million subscribers! Here you’ll find tons of great cooking and food preparation tutorials, as well as helpful tips to assist you in the kitchen. Learn how to prepare anything from simple family meals to special holiday desserts.

Subscriber count: 5,500,000


4. Brothers Green Eats for Cooking


Another great YouTube channel to learn how to cook is Brothers Green Eats. This duo has a much more relaxed style of both cooking and teaching in comparison to Gordon Ramsay, but can teach you a wide variety of recipes from different cuisines. They also have lots of tips for recipes you can make on a budget, and they even offer recipes that fit into a vegan diet. If you want some easy, delicious meal ideas and helpful cooking tips, this is the channel for you!

Subscriber count: 1,020,000+


5. California Gardening for Gardening

California Gardening banner

If you’re looking to get into gardening, check out the California Gardening YouTube channel. Watch their video tutorials to learn how to grow everything from flowers to fruits to vegetables. Enjoy the fun of gardening and while learning to grow your own food and make your property look beautiful with ornamental and decorative plants.

Subscriber count: 180,000+


6. PHLearn for Photography

PHLearn banner

Next up is a channel called PHLearn. This YouTube channel features video tutorials on photography and video editing. Learn about camera settings, photo retouching, enhancement, and special effects editing. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start into the world of photography, or an experienced photographer looking to learn some new tips, PHLearn is a great place to get start learning.

Subscriber count: 1,480,500+


7. Made to Sew for Sewing

Made to Sew banner

The last hobby-learning YouTube channel we recommend is Made to Sew. Learn the basics of sewing and how to make your own clothing with their easy-to-follow video tutorials. Learn how to do basic stitches, follow sewing patterns, and create garments and accessories. They also have seasonal-themed tutorials for holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Check out their website,, for free, downloadable sewing patterns.

Subscriber count: 120,000+


Those are the best YouTube channels we would recommend if you want to learn something new. No matter what kind of knowledge or hobby you’re looking to pick up, you can likely find videos about it on YouTube. If you want to learn somewhere outside of YouTube, check out our free courses on other great educational websites like Coursera, Udemy, and Lynda. What will you learn next?

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