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Now that you know how to use Evernote, you may be wondering how you can actually put these skills into practice, and start using Evernote to make your life easier. Before we give you our tips for using Evernote effectively (in our next tutorial), we want to give you a list of the best Evernote add-ons that help Evernote users organize their lives and store their information.

In this article, we’ll list the best Evernote add-ons, and sort them into categories so you know what they are best used for. We’ll also explain in detail exactly what each add-on does and how it will help you make the most out of your Evernote account.

Top 25 Evernote add-ons

Add-ons for business

1. Office Suite Pro

This is one of the most downloaded add-ons for Evernote (available only for Android devices).  With it, you can edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs that are linked to your Evernote notes. You can also create documents instantly, and edit them across all of your devices. If you’re an Office Suite user, definitely download this and synchronize it with your Evernote notes.

2. Outlook

An Evernote add-on for Microsoft Outlook users who want their emails converted to Evernote notes.  This helps them keep track of tasks and stay organized.

3. MailButler

An Evernote add-on for iOS devices that easily converts Apple Mail emails into Evernote notes.  This can help you boost your productivity.

4. Business Card Reader/ScanBizCards

These two Evernote add-ons allow you to scan and digitize your collection of business cards, without needing to upgrade to a paid version of Evernote.

5. Clarify

This Evernote add-on allows you to organize screen captures into a sequenced document that you can then easily share. Clarify is great for creating “how-tos” or process guides for employees.

Add-ons for education

1. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is one of the largest libraries of online study resources, and easily pairs with your Evernote account to help you improve your study habits. You can use your Evernote notes — including images and audio recordings — to make your own study sets and quizzes. You can even turn your Evernote notes into flashcards and use them to study on the go!

2. Eidetic

This Evernote add-on uses spaced repetition to help you memorize important information.  It’s great if you would like to personally remember what you’ve written in your Evernote notes!

3. RefMe

This Evernote add-on allows you to easily create and manage your citations for ongoing assignments in over 6500 bibliographical styles.

4. FastFinga

This Evernote add-on for your iPhone or iPad lets you take handwritten notes that you can automatically transcribe into text notes on your Evernote account.

5. Blinkist

This Evernote add-on takes best-selling non-fiction books and turns them into 15-minute reads.  You can learn all about a topic in just 15 minutes!

Add-ons for home and travel

1. LikeWhere

LikeWhere shows you where you might like to go and what you might like to do when you’re in a new city.  It bases its recommendations on the things you like about your home city or other cities you have already been to. Enter information about what you like in a city into LikeWhere, and it will use its database of information to tell you about the places and activities that you would probably like in a different city. Use it to plan your next trip to a new city!

2. Swipes 

This Evernote add-on is an intuitive to-do list that teaches you the fastest ways to create task lists, prioritize tasks, and keep track of all of your previous accomplishments.

3. Grocerytrip

An Evernote add-on for iPhone, Grocerytrip allows you to compile your Evernote checklists regarding groceries, so you never forget anything at the store again.   You can also use it to extract ingredients from recipes and other notes, and then turn them into a shopping checklist for you.

4. MapClipper

This Evernote add-on allows you to save anything from Google Maps — including an address, set of directions, or image — and create an Evernote note for it.

5. BigNight

This Evernote add-on allows you to store recipes as notes on your Evernote account.   When planning dinner parties or meals, you can use BigNight to easily recall recipe information and build grocery lists.

Add-ons for personal and social use

1. Web Clipper

The Web Clipper add-on is one of the most popularly-used add-ons for Evernote – and rightly so. It allows you to capture entire web pages (or just parts of them, if you like) and add them as notes to your Evernote account. Never again will you forget where you read that awesome article, found that amazing recipe, or saw that great idea on Pinterest. Easily transfer webpage information to your notes in whichever format most suits you, and never lose track of where you found things on the Internet again!


This Evernote add-on (whose acronym stands for “If This, Then That”) connects to various communication channels, including Facebook and Gmail.  It allows you to create automatic reactions to certain situations, so you can sit back and watch your life organize itself.

3. CoSchedule

This Evernote add-on allows you to periodically publish your Evernote notes as content elsewhere, in sync with your own personal calendar program.   You can even turn your notes into blog posts on!

4. Calendar Connector

This Evernote add-on allows you to synchronize your personal calendar program with Evernote.  This means that whenever you set a reminder in Evernote, you will also be notified in your calendar.

5. Google Drive

This Evernote add-on allows you to synchronize Evernote with your Google Drive.  Then, you can move content seamlessly between the two. Check out our course on Google Drive to learn more about this cloud-based storage system.

Other great add-ons

1.  Expensify

This Evernote add-on allows you to manage all of your finances from your Evernote account.  Simply add images of your receipts into Evernote and they will be automatically copied to Expensify.  This makes it easier than ever to build expense reports or keep track of reimbursements. You can also turn your Expensify reports into PDFs, which makes them easier to find and organize in Evernote.

2. Feedly

This Evernote add-on helps you organize your favorite websites from all over the Internet. This helps you navigate the Internet, keep up-to-date with the latest events both online and offline, and share your favourite web content.

3. ScannerPro

This Evernote add-on lets you save digital scans of important documents to your Evernote account. You can then analyze and make notes on them, all without needing to print them out!

4. DocuSign

This Evernote add-on allows digital signatures to be added to your Evernote-stored documents. This allows you to store important documents, share them with people who need to use them, and then submit them once they are signed — all using Evernote.  No paper needed!

5. TextGrabber + Translator

This Evernote add-on allows you to easily digitize text from many kinds of print sources (including photos), and then translate it into one of 90 languages.


That’s our list of the best Evernote add-ons. To learn more about what some of these add-ons can do for you, and exactly how you can put them into action, check out our next article on how to use Evernote effectively.

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