Best 7 Evernote Alternatives

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If you’ve been using Evernote, you may have found that it’s helping you organize your life.  However, some aspects of Evernote — such as its complicated and complex nature — may have you wondering if there’s another website or app like Evernote out there that may better suit your organizational or note-taking needs. Check out our list of the 7 best Evernote alternatives below.

1. Microsoft OneNote

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OneNote is the note-taking service offered by Microsoft, as part of its OfficeSuite package. OneNote is one of the most similar websites and applications to Evernote, and allows its users to complete many of the same functions in similar ways. This cross-platform service allows you to synchronize your notes across multiple devices, and share notes with others, just like Evernote. You can also use your finger or a stylus to write handwritten notes, which will be converted to text. OneNote even offers you the ability to import all of your Evernote content to your OneNote account, so you can transfer from Evernote to OneNote seamlessly!

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2. Google Keep

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Google Keep is Google’s free app for note-taking and reminders that can help you get your life organized. Use Google Keep to set reminders for yourself, or record anything that comes to your mind, even on the go. Google Keep is a cross-platform service like Evernote, so you can view your notes whenever you like, on any of your synchronized devices. You can create folders and lists, and even color-code your notes to keep organized, or use the search function to find what you have saved easily.

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3. Google Docs/Drive

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Google Docs and Google Drive are an Evernote alternative that work hand-in-hand to keep all of your files and information safe and secure on the cloud. Google Docs is a word processing app that saves any information you add to it on your own personal Google Drive – a cloud-based storage system. Unlike Evernote, Google Docs is not a note-taking application per se.  However, it will complete many similar functions, as you can create folders (like Evernote notepads) to organize your information. You can also add images or videos to your Google Drive. If you don’t need the added organizational components of Evernote, Google Docs and Google Drive may be for you.

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For more information, check out our TechBoomers course on Google Drive.

4. Dropbox and Dropbox Paper

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Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that stores all of the information you add to it, much like Google Drive. On its own, Dropbox can assist you in the same way as Google Docs and Google Drive.  The difference is that Google Docs creates word documents for you; with Dropbox, you must add your own files from other sources. Dropbox Paper is an app for Dropbox that allows for collaboration on projects through the sharing of Dropbox information. It adds a chat function for easier feedback between Dropbox users, and has task management functions like Evernote.  For example, it allows you to create checklists for keeping on top of your work.

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To learn more about Dropbox, you can find our TechBoomers course on Dropbox here.

5. Apple Notes

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Apple Notes is a note-taking solution for Apple iOS devices which, much like Google Keep, is for people who don’t need all the advanced functions of Evernote. With the updated version of Apple Notes, users can insert images and their own sketches or writing into notes, just like Evernote. You can also create checklists to help you stay on top of your assignments, and keep organized. The new version also includes the ability to add documents, maps, and bulleted lists to notes. Apple Notes can synchronize across all of your Apple devices to keep you organized and up-to-date – even on the go.

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6. Together

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Together is an app for Apple iOS devices such as Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads.  It allows you to keep all of your important documents, text, images, movies, voice recordings, bookmarks, and more all in one place.  Plus, you can synchronize it across all of your Apple devices. You can easily drag and drop any files into Together to keep them stored safely on the cloud. Together also offers its users many ways to organize their documents, and a powerful search function to find anything you’re looking for. Unlike other apps and websites listed in this article, Together is the only service that does not have a free version whatsoever.

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7. Simplenote

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Simplenote has a great philosophy – keep note-taking simple. If you’re overwhelmed with the incredibly detailed and complex functionality of Evernote, and require a service with more basic functions, then Simplenote is for you. Like in Evernote, you can easily search through your notes, and add tags to them, and share them with others to receive feedback. Simplenote will synchronize across all of your devices and back up all of your files, so you can simply drag a slider to restore your files if they get lost or changed! All of this is for free, and doesn’t need a long lesson to understand how to use it!

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Breakdown of the apps and websites like Evernote:

App/Website like
Available On Cost Best Used For
OneNote Windows/Android/iOS/Web Free
(Or included free with all Microsoft Office packages)
An alternative to Evernote with almost exactly the same
Google Keep Windows/Android/iOS/Chrome/Web Free (with a Gmail account) Immediate thoughts, keeping track of tasks, and
Google Docs/Drive Windows/Android/iOS/Chrome/Web Free (up to 15GB of storage) The creation and storage of longer documents and groups
of documents, and work collaboration.
Dropbox (Paper) Android/iOS/Chrome/Web Free (up to 5GB of storage) The storage of longer documents and groups of
documents, and work collaboration.
Apple Notes iOS – Apple devices Free (with an Apple ID account) Immediate thoughts and keeping track of tasks.
Together iOS – Apple devices $49.99 for full version
Free 15-day trial
For many documents and files that need to be synchronized
seamlessly across Apple devices.
Simplenote Windows/Android/iOS/Web/Linux/Kindle Fire Free Quick reminders and thoughts you need to remember,
especially while on the go.


And that’s our list of the best Evernote competitors. If you have tried a website or an app like Evernote, or know of other websites like Evernote that could help our users, share you story in the comments below, or on one of our social media pages. 

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