Best 9 YouTube Channels to Learn about Science

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If you’re into science or want to learn more about it, the Internet is a great resource for both education and entertainment. One amazing website to find videos on science-related topics is YouTube. YouTube is a great site to learn about tons of topics, including science (of course).

We’re going to tell you about the best channels to check out on YouTube if you want to learn about science. Before we talk about the channels we recommend, let’s discuss what exactly you can learn about these topics from watching YouTube science channels.

What can you learn about science on YouTube?

On YouTube, you can learn about many science-related topics, watch people do experiments, or learn how to create your own. There are thousands of science-related channels on YouTube, so whether you want to learn about science at a microscopic or macroscopic level, the people of YouTube can teach you!

Here are some great science subjects you can find videos about on YouTube:

  • Astronomy – scientific study of the universe: space, planets, etc.
  • Biology – studying living things (plants and animals) and their anatomy, how the behave, and where they come from.
  • Chemistry – studies the elements and substances that make up all of earth’s matter.
  • Physics – the study of energy, electricity, and atom structure; how matter works and is affected by the forces of nature.
  • Forensics – the scientific study of evidence and tangible matter for the purpose of criminal investigation.
  • Health Science – the study of medicine and nutrition; scientific topics relating to the health of humans and animals.

Those are some topics you’ll find in YouTube science videos. Now let’s talk about some channels with the best science shows on YouTube.

Best YouTube Channels about Science


AsapSCIENCE logo

First up is a channel called AsapSCIENCE. Hosts Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown create fun, educational videos about a wide variety of science-related topics. New videos are posted every week, and many of them are animated which makes things extra fun. They cover topics relating to chemistry, physics, biology, and more. One of their most popular videos answers the age-old question Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg? They do a great job of explaining how science relates to and affects our everyday lives. If you’re looking for awesome biology YouTube channels, you’ll love ASAPScience.

Subscribers: > 6,500,000
Number of Videos: > 200
Total Views: > 820,000,000

2. Beyond Science

Beyond Science logo

Next up is Beyond Science. The channel’s host Mike Chen discusses strange and mysterious science-related topics in new videos every week. Find out about stories of ancient civilizations, wonders of nature, space, and other interesting topics. Mike’s most popular video is about 6 Ancient Inventions We Still Can’t Figure Out. If you’re interested in learning about cool things explained by science, Beyond Science is a great channel for you to subscribe to.

Subscribers: > 1,700,000
Number of Videos: >350
Total Views: > 250,000,000

3. SciShow

SciShow logo

Our next recommendation is a channel called SciShow. They post new videos every single day. They teach their viewers about topics relating to biology, chemistry, physics and more. SciShow loves answering questions from their viewers, so if you have a request you can leave them a comment. Maybe their next “Quick Questions” video will answer your question! Most of their videos are only a few minutes long, but once a week they do a longer video (some around 30 minutes.) Learn something new everyday with biology and physics YouTube channels like SciShow!

Subscribers: > 4,000,000
Number of Videos: >1000
Total Views: > 700,000,000

4. Science


You read that right; this channel is simply called Science. The Science channel is run by YouTube and features popular videos from various channels on YouTube. YouTube does not upload their own videos to this channel, but uses it as a space to promote other popular science-related videos. There are over 1000 playlists on this channel where science videos are categorized by topic. It’s a great curated collection of the best science videos on YouTube.

Subscribers: > 130,000

5. Vsauce

Vsauce logo

Vsauce is a very popular science YouTuber. Michael Stevens started the Vsauce channel in 2010, and has since posted hundreds of science-related videos teaching viewers about the world around them. Some of his most popular videos answer questions like What If Everyone JUMPED At Once? and Is Your Red The Same As My Red? Learn about space, psychology, physics, health science, and more. New Vsauce videos are posted sporadically, but they’re usually at least 15 minutes in length, and teach you great things about science, so they’re definitely worth the wait.

Subscribers: > 12,000,000
Number of Videos: > 325
Total Views: > 1,200,000,000

6. Science Channel

Science Channel

A great option of the many channels like Vsauce that we’d recommend is called Science Channel. Watch this channel for videos on all kinds of science topics like earth science, science news, advancements in technology, and more. Their most-watched video is What Happens When Lava Meets Ice? Science Channel uploads new videos multiple times every week, so new things are consistently being added to their already huge collection of videos.

Subscribers: > 1,000,000
Number of Videos: >1000
Total Views: > 210,000,000

7. Naked Science

Naked Science logo

Another awesome resource for science videos is Naked Science. Here you can find videos about topics relating to both science and technology. Their goal is to present “the truth laid bare” on a variety of topics to give their viewers the best possible educational information. Check out their playlists to see different categories of videos on their channel.

Subscribers: > 275,000
Number of Videos: > 150
Total Views: > 58,000,000

8. SmarterEveryDay

SmarterEveryDay logo

SmarterEveryDay is a YouTube channel that explains the world we live in, and uses science to do it. Learn about animals, explosions, space, and other cool things through the science of biology, chemistry, and physics. The channel’s host, Destin, once even created a video featuring former U.S. President Obama – how cool!

Subscribers: > 5,000,000
Number of Videos: > 250
Total Views: > 350,000,000

9. Veritasium

Veritasium logo

Our last channel recommendation is Veritasium. The channel name is a play on the names of elements that appear in the periodic table. This channel is all about “the element of truth” and teaching their viewers the science behind things that happen on earth and in space. Learn about chemistry, physics, biology, and more with cool videos like “How Long Will You Live?” and “Misconceptions About the Universe.”

Subscribers: > 4,000,000
Number of Videos: > 200
Total Views: > 370,000,000


These 9 YouTube channels are the best for learning about topics related to science. Which science YouTubers are your favorite? Our YouTube course can teach you more about the website itself. Want to learn from other places besides YouTube? Check out the “Online Learning” category of our website for courses on how to use other educational sites and apps like Udemy and Coursera.

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