Best 5 Foursquare Alternatives

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Whether you’re sick of or are just looking to spice things up with a new social website or app like Foursquare, we have compiled our list of the best Foursquare competitors. Read below to learn all about the best 5 Foursquare alternatives.


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1. LikeWhere

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LikeWhere is an app like Foursquare that focuses on local information and entertainment. After you input information about the places you like to go in a city you’re familiar with, LikeWhere suggests places you would love in a new city. Whether you’re on a trip or have just moved to a new city, LikeWhere will help you find the best places you would love in an unfamiliar locale. It may even help you find great places you may not have even known existed in your hometown.

2. TripAvisor

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TripAdvisor is a website with an unprecedented amount of reviews from users who have visited cities and accommodations around the world. With information on hotels, resorts, restaurants, popular places, and anything travel-related you can imagine, TripAdvisor can help you learn exactly what a place is like before you go there.  This is especially handy when you’re travelling on a budget. You can also use TripAdvisor to make suggestions for you, so you can always find the best place to go, and get exactly what you want, anywhere!

If you want to learn more about TripAdvisor, visit our TechBoomers course on TripAdvisor.

3. AroundMe

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AroundMe is one of the apps like Foursquare that focuses on locating facilities around you quickly, so you can find anything you need while on the go. Rather than hosting reviews or encouraging you to visit places you would like, AroundMe helps you find essential places quickly, like bars, hotels, hospitals, banks, grocery stores, gas stations, and so on. If you’re driving through an unfamiliar city, or just moved somewhere, AroundMe can help you get acquainted right away!

4. Citysocializer

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Available on Google Android and Apple iOS devices, Citysocializer helps users find the best social gatherings  going on around them. Grow your network as you use the app, and meet more and more users through face-to-face interactions at the best local hotspots. You can also host your own events! Citysocializer is a great way to see what’s going on around you in a new city you’ve just moved to, or the find the best places to socialize in a city you’re already familiar with.

5. Smacktive

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Smacktive is an app that is compatible with Google Android and Apple iOS devices, and helps you find local things to do.  It differs from Foursquare, however, because its purpose is to connect you with other users who enjoy the same activities you do.. You can post about the activity you want to do (and when you would like to do it), and Smacktive will help you find a partner or group to do it with. If you’re looking for a quick or spontaneous gathering where you can do something in your area that you love — and maybe meet some new friends — try out Smacktive today.  You’ll always have a buddy for your favorite hobbies!


That’s our list of the best Foursquare competitors. If you think you want to try one of these out in place of Foursquare, check out our next tutorial article on how to delete your Foursquare account.

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