Best YouTube Channels That Teach You How to Play Music

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If you want to teach yourself how to play music, it’s easier than ever thanks to video-sharing websites like YouTube. There are tons of talented and experienced musicians with videos on, and many of them have channels and playlists dedicated to music tutorials. In this article, we’re going to explain why YouTube learning is one of the best ways to quickly learn to play music online, and give you three of the best YouTube teachers for learning to play these instruments:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Saxophone

If you want to speedily become a pro at any of these instruments, try out some YouTube learning today!

4 reasons why learning with YouTube will get you on the fast-track

1. You can play along as you learn, and learn at your own pace.

Watching a video is great if you like to control how quickly you cover a concept, like going back and repeating something. Videos also still give you the visual component of a real in-person lesson, so you can see the instructor play as they teach you something. This means you can play along and see exactly what you need to do.

2. Watch the videos over and over until you nail it.

Videos allow you to stop and start them whenever you like. Also, there’s no limit to how many times you can watch a video on YouTube. If you need to see something four or five times to really understand it, it’s no problem! If you need a quick refresher, just pull the video up and watch again as you practice!

3. You can contact the poster if you have any questions.

To post a video on YouTube, a user must create an account. This means there is always a way you can contact them if you wish. You can also simply reach out in the comments section of a video if you have questions, and the poster of the video will most likely try to help you. And if they don’t, chances are someone else watching might try to help you out.

4. You can learn how to post quality videos on YouTube if you ever want to start your own channel to show off your musical talent.

From watching others post successful music-related videos on YouTube, you’ll see what it takes if you ever wanted to create your own channel one day. Many musicians use YouTube, quite successfully, to showcase their musical talents. If you think you want to be a performer, pay close attention to what they do as you learn so you can pick up some tips and – just maybe – become a YouTube star down the road.

Best YouTube channels for learning how to play music



1. PianoVideoLessons

As the title suggests, this channel has simple, easy-to-understand video tutorials on how to play the piano. It has 84 videos posted just on learning Year 1 piano! You can learn about any topic, or just complete the lessons in order. Either way, you’re sure to learn the piano with no issues – much faster than you thought you would.


This channel is an awesome resource for learning to play the piano, with over 270 piano-related tutorial videos. There are lessons for beginners, easy melody tutorials, demonstrations of how to play chords, covers of popular songs, and more. If you want to jump in, try the Piano Lessons for Beginners playlist.

3. PianoOnlineBlog

This channel has many great videos instructing on various aspects of playing the piano. It also has some tutorials for popular songs, so you can start learning to play something right away! Check out How to Read Piano Music in Under Five Minutes! if you want to get started.



1. GuitarJamz

GuitarJamz is a great channel, with over 7.5 million views combined on all its videos! This channel focuses on lessons on how to play songs by popular bands and artists like Eric Clapton, Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, and so many more! But there are also tons of instructional lessons on beginner topics, so check out its complete video list here to find something that speaks to you.

2. youcanlearnguitar

With over 5 million combined views, youcanlearnguitar is no joke either. Its lessons are geared more toward beginners, so they’re great if you’re just starting out and still need to learn basics, like how to tune a guitar. But if you still want some quality lessons on how to play Eric Clapton songs, or learn how to do cool guitar exercises to improve your playing, then check out its videos here.

3. Center Stage Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele Academy

This channel teaches more than just guitar lessons, as you can guess by its name. But when it comes to guitar lessons, they have video playlists on regular guitar (over 200 videos), bass, song lessons, beginner lessons, blues lessons, lessons for kids, and more! If you want to jump in, check out their quick start guide to guitar for beginners here.



1. Drumeo

One of the best features of Drumeo is that it has showcase videos on industry experts, so you can learn from your favorite drummers! There are so many topics to choose from (and hundreds of videos), so you can spend hours here learning. There’s so much you can learn that we can’t even tell you where you should start! Just check out their playlists of videos and jump right in!

2. SimplySnare

Though SimplySnare doesn’t have as many videos as some other channels, these are quality videos. It has over 20 videos on drumming for beginners, as well as amazing tips for drummers. It also features reviews of drumming products, so you can make the best purchases for your drum kit.

3. MusicCollegeTV

This channel has 50 videos on drums alone, though it also has a wealth of resources for learning other instruments and music topics. Definitely check out this playlist if you need to start with the basics, like what the drum kit is made of and stick techniques. Then scroll down to later videos if you want to learn some advanced techniques, like rhythmic sub-divisions and bass drum techniques.



1. The Online Piano and Violin Tutor

This channel has tons of lessons on how to play the violin, from absolute beginner level to advanced techniques. Check out the complete lessons (20 of them) to get started, learning about how to hold the violin and bow, the names of the strings, how to do scales, and more.

2. Violinspiration

With over 70 videos, Violinspiration has so many topics for learning how to play the violin (and we love the clever name)! Start with basic violin techniques, and then move up to intermediate and advanced lessons. This channel also has helpful tips for holding and using your violin, tutorials on how to play popular songs, and a few lessons on easy songs for violin beginners.

3. ViolinTutorPro

This channel has 500 videos! They are sorted into beginner, intermediate, and advanced playlists – so you’ll know exactly where to start, based on your skill level. Each video lesson is short and to the point; you can work on individual concepts whenever you need to, and move on when you’re ready. Click here to check out the beginner lessons.



1. Hello Saxophone

This saxophone learning channel has over 20 “practical saxophone lessons,” which can really help you if you want to be a serious saxophone player. It also has downloadable lesson packages to help you on your journey to master the sax.

2. Sax Casts

Sax Casts has over 30 beginner-targeted videos for teaching the saxophone. It also has some cool cover songs that you can watch and learn, too. Start here with the Beginner’s Course – Stage 1, and learn about how to get a good sound from your sax, good hand positioning, troubleshooting low/high notes, how to do vibrato, and more!

3. Johnny Ferreira (Sax Johnny)

This saxophone teacher has years of experience playing, and runs his own website at On his YouTube channel, you can find over 40 lessons on how to play the saxophone. There are also over 80 videos of him playing, so you can play along and learn as well!


That’s how you can master your favorite instrument with some YouTube learning! We have an excellent (and free!) step-by-step course on how to use YouTube if you’re having difficulty navigating some of the more complex aspects of the website. We’ve also got a great article on the best ways to learn music online for free, so check it out if you want to learn a little more.

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