Go Out and Play Pokémon Go Now That the Weather is Nice!

Published: June 2, 2017 - 9:23am EDT

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Have you heard of the popular scavenger hunt game Pokémon Go? It blew up in popularity following its release in 2016. In summer 2016, Pokémon Go was all over the news and social media due to the enormous number of people it drew to landmarks in various areas. In 2017, the game’s fan base is still very much alive, with millions of people still playing the game every day.

Now that the weather is getting nicer as we approach summer 2017, it’s a great time to get out and play Pokémon Go! Whether you’ve played the game before or it’s entirely new to you, we’re here to help you get out and play. For those who haven’t played before, or aren’t too familiar with the game, let’s start out with a little information about what it is and how it works.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a relatively new app created by Niantic. The game encourages users to get out and explore their neighborhood in order to find virtual Pokémon associated with certain areas. Capture Pokémon, collect items from “PokéStop” landmarks, and visit Gyms to battle against other players.

Map in Pokemon Go

The app utilizes your mobile device’s Internet connection and internal GPS within the game. When you have the app open, you’ll see your avatar placed on a map that represents where you actually are in the real world. When you see a Pokémon, PokéStop, or Gym on the game map, you have to physically get yourself to that spot in real life in order to move your avatar to that place on the map.

Example of a PokeStop

The Pokémon Go app is available on all kinds of mobile devices. You can download it for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) here, or download the Android version from the Google Play store here.

Sounds pretty cool, right? If you aren’t convinced by now, here are a few reasons why we think you should play Pokémon Go.

5 reasons why you should Play Pokémon Go

1. It’s endlessly amusing.

There are always new and fun things to do when playing Pokémon Go, so it never really gets boring. Even if you were to get to the point where you caught every Pokémon that exists in the game, you can have fun battling other trainers in Gyms, collecting items from PokéStops, and levelling up!

2. It is a great way to get low-impact exercise.

Playing this game requires you to actually get out of your house and go places. Moving your avatar is done by physically moving yourself to wherever on the map you’d like your avatar to be. This augmented reality style of game is awesome because it encourages people to get out and exercise. Whether you choose to walk, run, or ride your bike, Pokémon Go can get you moving!

3. It’s a nice way to get outdoors and pass the time as you enjoy the warmer weather.

If you want to be outside enjoying the weather, but don’t have plans or aren’t sure what to do, playing Pokémon Go is a great option. This app makes taking a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood much more exciting.

4. It’s an easy way to see more of your city, and explore new places.

Since playing Pokémon Go is kind of like taking part in a scavenger hunt, you’ll likely get to see more of your city than you usually would. Playing the game can take you to places you haven’t seen or visited before, like local parks, lakes, and other landmarks. You may even feel like a tourist in your own city!

Warning to be aware of your surroundings while playing

When you’re out exploring and hunting for Pokémon, be careful and pay attention to where you’re going. Although you may be tempted to run around looking solely at your phone screen, you should keep looking around when walking, running, or biking while playing this game. Do not trespass on private property, and always look before crossing a road.

5. If you’re a fan, it may be the best Pokémon game yet!

If you’ve been a fan of Pokémon for a long time – like many people – you’d probably really enjoy playing this game! Getting out and searching for Pokémon creatures, items, and battling other trainers in this augmented reality game is such a cool step up from old school Pokémon showdown with cards, right?

It’s also a big change from the old Gameboy games, because it makes you feel like you’re really part of the action. If you ever dreamed of being Ash Ketchum, this is your chance. If you go out to Gyms and PokéStop landmarks, you can also meet other people who love Pokémon too!


We hope we’ve encouraged you to get out and start playing this awesome game. Have you played Pokémon Go before? Tell us what you love about it in the comments! If you haven’t played before, or need a refresher on how to use the app, check out our Pokémon Go course. Have fun catching ‘em all!

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