7 Best Sites for Unique Holiday Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, and More

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If you want to be different, and put a bit more thought into your holiday gifts this year, we’ve got the best advice for where you can go. You can’t just visit huge websites like Amazon year after year; even though they are convenient, they don’t make for very unique gifts, as the things you’re buying are also purchased by thousands of others this year!

In this article, we’re going to help you find the best 7 sites for buying unique gifts, your stocking stuffers, small party favors, and anything else you need! Don’t let mass-produced consumerism get the best of you this holiday season. Instead, check out these best websites for finding unique gifts.

1. Etsy

Etsy.com is a popular online platform for finding all things unique, as sellers on Etsy make hand-crafted products, and ship them directly to you. Many sellers on Etsy work out of their own homes, and make their items for sale all by hand. They are artisans who are prepared to offer you unique gifts and things for your home – and you won’t be able to find these anywhere else!

Etsy website

With Etsy, you know you’re getting “unique everything” as they would say, so you know your gift will be very special. You’re also buying from independent sellers, so you know your money is going towards a hardworking individual who is trying to keep their business expenses low. You are also guaranteed secure shopping, and have easy ways of contacting Etsy sellers, or leaving reviews if you aren’t totally satisfied with your order.

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2. Pinterest

Pinterest.com is an amazing resource for finding a unique gift because, in most cases, you would want to make it yourself! Pinterest is an idea-sharing platform where people post pictures, blog posts, and mainly, instructions for how to do something, and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gifts is one of the categories most popular on Pinterest.

Pinterest website

Not only can you see great DIY gifts and get inspiration from Pinterest, but many people will sell their own handmade, unique crafts and gifts – using Pinterest as a platform. You can’t currently buy (many) items right through the Pinterest website, but by visiting another site through any “pin,” you can find items for purchase. Just make sure you’re using a secure website to make your online transactions!

If this sounds like a good match for you, save some time by reading through our free tutorial (with step-by-step pictures) of how to search on Pinterest to find what you want!

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3. Zazzle

Zazzle.com is an amazing online store for unique gifts because, though it’s like eBay.com in the sense that it allows users to list their own products online for sale to other site users, it’s unique itself because it offers users the ability to customize the items they are purchasing. Almost all items on Zazzle allow for customization in some way: from something as minor as choosing the color you want, to engravings and name personalization – in the exact place of your choosing on the item.

Zazzle website

Imagine finding the perfect Christmas gift, and being able to add your friend or family member’s name to it before it is shipped to you! You can also very often add gift wrapping, so you can ship the presents directly to your recipient(s) if you like! On Zazzle, the possibilities are nearly endless, so even if you don’t find that exact thing you are looking for, you have the power to turn it into what you want!

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4. Pop Chart Lab

PopChartLab.com offers you “The Things You Love. Charted.” They mainly offer great-quality prints of almost anything you could think of! Their team does careful research to create the best possible prints, and works with a talented team to bring you the best “ch(art).” They also use environmentally-friendly ink, and museum quality paper, so you know you won’t be receiving any cheap knock offs, or something you could easily buy off the shelf in any department store.

PopChartLab website

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift that suits the personality of the person you’re buying for, be sure to browse their Gift Guides, where you can choose gifts from categories such as:

  • Beer and liquor enthusiasts
  • Bookworms
  • Gadget gurus
  • Gourmands
  • Kids (and those young at heart)
  • Nature lovers
  • Sports fans
  • TV & Film fanatics

And much more! You’re sure to find something creative and beautiful to give to that special someone.

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5. Firebox.com

Firebox.com claims to be a website with great and unique homeware and lifestyle gifts that are “Not for Everyone” – as much of what they offer is very sassy and cheeky. To some, these gifts may seem offensive, but to others, they are a perfect match! We all have that one person that’s hard to buy for, and Firebox may be your perfect solution.

Firebox website

If you’re looking for an easy place to start, you may want to try their Alternative Christmas Gifts page, where you can find gifts for any price range. With offering including make-your-own liquor kits, to pop culture-themed paraphernalia, personalized photo pillows, to Whiskey advent calendars, and more – we bet you’re going to find so many things you love, you’ll have to buy a few gifts for yourself!

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6. PersonalCreations.com

At PersonalCreations.com, you can personalize the gifts you buy, and get inspired with custom gift ideas – no run-of-the-mill, standard shopping here. Because they know you’re giving gifts, Personal Creations will personalize the gift, allow you to add a special message, and offer to gift wrap your items. They also guarantee the quality of the items through shipping, and generally still ship items within 3 days!

PersonalCreations website

If you’re looking for a place to start your gift hunt, try their Christmas Collection for great, themed gifts. You can also browse through their categories, finding something for any age and personality. Try a monogram stocking, an etched cutting board for the kitchen, or a child’s toy with their own name on it! Any time you find an item you want, just click Personalize to add names, dates, messages, or anything else you can think of to make that gift extra special.

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7. Cherishables

Cherishables.com offers you the chance to reflect on your own unique story by personalizing special, meaningful gifts. You can create personal cards, announcement messages, calendars, photo panels, invitations, and, you can completely customize gifts with photos and words. You can make special coffee mugs, device cases, mouse pads, and of course, Christmas stockings and ornaments.

Cherishables website

If you already have something in mind, especially that you would like a photo to be added to something, then Cherishables is a great way to make that perfect photo into the perfect gift. They also offer you the chance to request samples of some of their items, so you can get a much better idea of how your photos will look when added to an item, and the quality of the work you will receive when your items are shipped!

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These websites should help you find exactly what you’re looking for to give to that special someone this year, but if you’re still struggling, make sure to check out the rest of our website, including our articles that can help you find the best websites for any kind of online shopping!

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