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If you have a account that you no longer want, you might have realized already that it seems absolutely impossible to delete it – and there’s a reason for that. has intentionally not built a feature into their app that allows users to delete their accounts. This means that for now, until they address this, you will not be able to delete a account, so you’re stuck with the one you have for now.

But don’t worry – there is still something you can do. We have two methods you can take advantage of to permanently delete your account, or make it completely invisible to other users.


Method 1: Ask to permanently delete your account through their help desk

This method has worked for some, and received a poor response from for others. Because doesn’t allow you to delete your account within the app, you can contact their help team and ask them to delete your account and all your information. They have the ability to do this, though whether they will or not is questionable. To get it done, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the Help Center.

Support home page for

  1. Click Submit a Ticket in the top-right corner.

Submitting a help ticket to

  1. Click Report a Problem.

Choosing to report a problem to with a help ticket

  1. Select “Android” or “iOS” depending on which device you use for

Selecting which operating system you use on

  1. Select Profile.

Choosing to report an issue with your profile

  1. In the field marked “Username” enter your username. In the field marked “Contact email address’ enter the email address you wish to use to interact with customer service. In the field marked “What information should we know?” ask to have your account deleted.

Filling out the help ticket form

  1. Click the blue Submit button – which will only appear once you have filled in each required field.

Confirm the sending of your help ticket to


Note that many people who have tried this procedure receive the following response from

“We are in the process of adding a feature that allows users to delete their accounts. Please stay tuned and continue to check upcoming versions of the app for this feature.”

Though this is your only way of getting your account permanently deleted, it may not work if isn’t willing to delete your account. If that’s the case, you can still hide your information from other users, effectively making your profile invisible.


Method 2: Make your profile private and hide it from other users

  1. Open the app.

Opening the app on your mobile device

  1. From any screen, tap the profile icon from the bottom menu.

Accessing your profile settings in

  1. Tap the settings (gear) icon in the top-right corner.

Accessing more profile options on

  1. Tap Settings in the pop-up menu.

Accessing general settings

Tap Privacy Settings.

Accessing your profile privacy settings on

  1. Tap the toggles for both options: Allow Contacts to Find Me and Private Account.

Making your account private

Allow Contacts to Find Me should be set to off (grey) now, and Private Account should be set to on (yellow). This means that only people listed in your friends list can interact with you in the app.

If you want to go the extra mile, change your username as well to something random or generic, like “User1234.” Note, however, that claims they will offer account deletion in the future. If they do, you will need to remember your username and password in order to delete your account. So if you change it, take note of your new username.


And that’s how you can permanently delete or hide your account. Remember that if you simply delete the app on your Android or iOS device, it will not erase your profile or any of your information from Check out the rest of our website for more helpful articles, including tips and tricks for other Android apps, or iOS apps you are probably using every day!

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