Is Groupon Safe? 5 Tips To Shop Safely

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Whenever a website offers great items at great prices, it’s easy to be skeptical (we all know the saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”). People may have concerns about websites like this, especially when they’ll ask you to enter in your credit card information. Fear not! Groupon is safe – they won’t scam you, the businesses they connect with won’t con you, and hackers won’t be able to get to your information. Find out more below.

Is it safe to use my credit card on Groupon?

Yes, Groupon uses industry-standard encryption technology to keep all of your financial information private and prevent hackers from getting to your credit card number.

Does Groupon look into businesses before allowing them to offer a deal?

Groupon has employees that look into businesses before they are allowed on the site. However, each deal has fine print at the bottom that should be read before purchasing. Things like blackout dates for hotel reservations or an upcoming expiry date can lead to a customer feeling duped.

How do I know the businesses won’t con me?

Groupon goes into an agreement with the business before allowing them on a site – so the business agrees to the deal beforehand. However, sometimes the deal can become so popular that they oversell on the deal and the business refuses to take any more Groupons. To be sure this won’t happen to you, call the business before buying the voucher.

Who’s Responsible: Groupon or the Business?

Groupon’s Terms of Use relieve them of most of the liability for any issues arising post-purchase. This is why it’s a good idea to contact the business before purchasing a voucher. However, there are some exceptions made for returns – these go through Groupon – and any mistakes on Groupon’s part.

An example of this is an employee that forgot to send a hotel a reservation booked via Groupon and the representative gave a full refund back to the customer.

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