Top 5 Kickstarter Alternatives

Looking to see what other “crowdfunding” options are out there before you pick Kickstarter for your project fundraiser?  There are plenty of other services out there, as “crowdfunding” has become a very trendy business model.  Here are five of the most successful and notable alternatives to Kickstarter.

Top 5 websites like Kickstarter

1. Indiegogo

Kickstarter alternative - Indiegogo logo


Indiegogo is slated as Kickstarter’s biggest competitor.  It’s available in more countries, accepts more payment methods, and allows certain types of projects that Kickstarter doesn’t (though there are still some restrictions).  The biggest difference is that Indiegogo offers flexible funding goals: even if you don’t meet your set goal, you can keep whatever money you raised (but you have to pay higher fees on it).

2. RocketHub

Kickstarter alternative - Rockethub logo


Rockethub is another major Kickstarter alternative.  Like Indiegogo, it offers a broader range of potential projects, and lets project creators keep whatever money they are able to fundraise, even if they do not reach their funding goal (but this costs them more in fees).  RocketHub is notable for being very active in the United States in promoting awareness and education surrounding “crowdfunding” business models and services (such as itself).

3. Fundable

Kickstarter alternative - Fundable logo


Fundable is a “crowdfunding” service like Kickstarter that caters specifically towards entrepreneurs and small businesses (like us here at Techboomers!).  Instead of charging fees based on how much money a project has fundraised by the time that it ends, Fundable charges fees between $100 and $300 per month that a fundraiser is active.  However, it allows giving financial incentives (such as company stock) as rewards, something that Kickstarter doesn’t allow.  It also has various consulting services that can help companies get their fundraising efforts off the ground.

4. Pozible

Kickstarter alternative - Pozible logo


This Australian-based “crowdfunding” platform is similar to Kickstarter, in that it only pays projects that are successful in meeting their fundraising goals.  However, Pozible offers broader payment options (including PayPal and Bitcoin), and has features like allowing recurring awards for project backers (such as magazine subscriptions) and allowing project creators to use Pozible’s system to host a fundraiser on their own website.

5. FundAnything

Kickstarter alternative - Fundanything logo


Another Kickstarter competitor, FundAnything is similar to Indiegogo.  It allows for many different kinds of projects and flexible funding (so you can keep what you fundraise — at a higher fee rate — if you don’t make your goal), but only allows gift-type rewards (as opposed to financial incentives).  It has notably attracted the support of American businessman Donald Trump.


Have you tried any of these websites like Kickstarter?  Did it help you get your fundraiser rolling, or help you get someone else’s project up and running?  Or did you just not get the energy you needed out of it?  Are there any other “crowdfunding” services that you would recommend?  Let us know in the comments section below, or on our social media pages.

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