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Would the free courses on TechBoomers for over 60 of today's hottest websites and apps be a great resource for your website's visitors or users? If so, you can help them find us more easily by adding a link on your website to ours at!

Where to Link to

Here are some ideas for places where you can put a link to our website:

  • Homepage: Link to us right on your homepage! It'll be hard for people to miss us!

  • Menu Link: Make our website an option in your menu, under a category like "Online Resources” “Recommended Websites” or "Our Partners"!

  • Footer: Put a link to us in the footer of your website -- we understand that you want your own content to be the focus, but we'd appreciate any exposure that you can afford us!

  • Resource pages: Add TechBoomers to any of your resource pages like “Computer Training”, “Senior Resources”, “eLearning Websites” or any other resources pages you think make sense!

  • Add a Course List Page: Many of our partners like to showcase their favorite TechBoomers courses by creating a new resource page with links to our individual courses. For a full course listing, visit our Course Directory page.

  • Write a blog post: If you really like us, write a blog post about us, and put a link to our website in it!

If you'd like to create a link for us using the TechBoomers logo, you can find some samples of it on our Marketing Images page.

How to Link to TechBoomers by Adding HTML Code

If you're having trouble adding a link to on your website, here's a simple way to do it using HTML code:

  1. Find the link or graphic that you want to use in the right-hand side of the table below.

  2. Copy the corresponding HTML code from the left-hand side of the table.

  3. Paste the HTML code into the source code of your website.


HTML Code Link/Graphic
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""><img src="" height="136" width="156" border="0" alt="" /></a>
<a href=""><img src="" height="160" width="41" border="0" alt="" /></a>


Well, those are some ideas on how to help your website's visitors find our free courses! If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to email us at, or fill in the contact form at the top right of the page.


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