12 Sites and Apps to Organize Your Life

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With Winter coming to a close and Spring time fast approaching, we all know it’s time to kick the Winter blues, get into high gear, and start working on those errands, projects, and cleaning that we let fall to the wayside over the Winter. It’s time to get organized and get things done, and we have the solution for you. Check out our list below of the best 12 sites and apps for organization that you need to know about, so you can get your life on track!

1. Evernote

Evernote logo

Evernote is one of the best task managers out there, but it’s not just for completing tasks. Evernote stores images and files, and makes it seamless to integrate them into your tasks. You can take a picture of something around your house, save it to Evernote, and then add it to a to-do list. You can create complex checklists, store important files, and set reminders and notifications for yourself so you never forget anything. Evernote is also famous for its many add-ons, most of which can be subscribed to for free. Click to see the Evernote App Center, or check out our article on the best Evernote add-ons here.

A checklist in Evernote

Best for: When you need a very detailed way to keep track of your notes, files, and ongoing projects.
Cost: Free, with the option of paid subscriptions.
Evernote Plus: $46.99/year
Evernote Premium: $89.99/year
Available on: WebWindowsMacChromeAppleAndroid


2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist logo

Wunderlist is one of the best task management tools on the market right now, as it is very customizable. Once you create checklists of tasks, you can customize them with various features including notes, comments, due dates, reminders, sub-tasks, and files or images. You can sort your tasks into easy-to-navigate folders, so staying on top of everything is simple. Wunderlist is a similar task management service to Evernote, but it’s slightly less complicated to use. It’s also available on more platforms than most of the other available task management services!

Creating tasks in Wunderlist

Best for: If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of Evernote, and want something much simpler.
Free, with the option of paid subscriptions.
Wunderlist Pro: $4.99/month
Wunderlist Business: $4.99 per user/month
Available on:
WebWindowsMacAndroidiOSWindows Phone


3. Google Keep

Google Keep logo

Google Keep is a free app brought to you by Google that allows you to take notes and set reminders to keep yourself organized. Use Google Keep to record anything that comes to your mind, even on the go, and then turn it into a task list, checking off items as you need to. Google Keep is a cross-platform service, so you can view your notes on any devices that you’ve synchronized. Create folders and lists, use the built-in search function to find what you need, and you can even color-code everything!

Google Keep main screen view

Best for: When you need a well-synced, on-the-go notetaking app, with a simple, colorful layout.
Cost: Free!
Available on: WebAndroidChromeiOS


4. Trello

Trello logo

Trello is a website that is the be-all and end-all of task management – whether you need it for group collaboration, or for simple, everyday, individual tasks, Trello is an excellent way to manage your workload. Simply create a “card” and describe what you need to do, and move it across a “board” as you complete tasks. You can easily set reminders, notifications, due dates, color-coded labels, checklists, and add files or images. Trello is extremely customizable, and easy to learn how to use!

Trello home screen

Best for: When you have a lot of tasks you need to keep track of, over time; or for group collaboration.
Cost: Free!
Available on: WebAndroidiOS


5. Apple Notes

Apple Notes logo

Apple Notes is a note-taking app for iOS devices that is better suited for people who want something simple and easy to use. You can insert images and sketches into the app, and even turn your own handwriting into a text note. Create checklists to stay organized, and add documents, maps, and bulleted lists to your notes. Apple Notes also synchronizes well across all of your Apple devices, and works great on mobile.

Creating an Apple Notes note

Best for: An iOS user exclusively who wants a simple notetaking and task management solution.
Cost: Free!
Available on: WebiOS
(Note: Apple Notes is a part of iCloud, so you will need to be signed in to your Apple account to access it)


6. Todoist

Todoist logo

Todoist is another popular task management and collaboration app, that works very well across multiple platforms, and while offline. It also emphasizes a simple, clean design that isn’t overly distracting, so it’s very easy to get down to business. Todoist has all the usual great features like notifications, due dates, reminders, labels and filters, and the ability to collaborate, but it also allows you to easily create sub-tasks and sub-projects, and intuitive dates that set reminders as you type. Todoist is also available on more platforms than any other task management service currently available.

Todoist home screen

Best for: When you need an app that works across many platforms, and syncs well with all of your devices.
Cost: Free, with the option to purchase Todoist Premium for $38.99/one year.
Available on:
ChromeGmailAndroid PhoneChromebookAndroid TabletAndroid Wear
MaciPhoneiPadSafariApple Watch


7. Simplenote

Simplenote logo

As the name suggests, Simplenote focusses on one thing: keeping your task management as clean and simple as possible, so you can get things done without being distracted by additional features that you may not even need. If you simply need a place to store notes, add reminders, tag and file your notes, and get rid of things when you no longer need them, then you may want to consider Simplenote.

Simplenote notes

Best for: The person who wants a simple, easy-to-use app with no fluff.
Cost: Free!
Available on: WebiOSMacAndroidWindows (7 and up)Linux


8. Any.do

Any.do logo

Any.do not only helps you make and manage to-do lists, and gives you access to an easy-to-use calendar, but it also has the Any.do Assistant, which can take care of some of your tasks for you. With its clean, sleek design, you’re sure to keep on top of your tasks, and always find an easy way to add new things as you’re on the go.

Add tasks to Any.do

Best for: When you need a simple app, but want the added help of an assistant with staying on top of tasks.
Cost: Free, with the options of purchasing a Premium subscription.
Premium on One Device: $2.09/month
Premium on Unlimited Devices: $2.24/month
Available on: WebiOSAndroidDesktop


9. RememberTheMilk

RememberTheMilk logo

RememberTheMilk is a great task management app with a clean design and intuitive features that let you add everything you need to remember all at once, simply by typing on one line. Rather than needing to click many boxes and set dates, you can simply type all of the details of your reminder on one line with RememberTheMilk’s Smart Add feature. There are also multiple ways you can choose from for your reminders, including email, Gmail, text, IM, Twitter, Skype, and Google Hangouts, and of course, in the RememberTheMilk app, which is available on many platforms.

Add reminders to RememberTheMilk

Best for: When you want the fastest way possible to enter everything you need to remember, all at once.
Cost: Free, with the option to upgrade to RememberTheMilk Pro for $39.99/year.
Available on:
Web — Chrome — Firefox — Safari — Edge
iPadAndroid TabletAmazon Fire
Apple WatchAndroid Wear


10. Toodledo

Toodledo logo

Toodledo allows you to do all the standard things you need to with a task management app, including easily setting tasks and reminders, but it is also great for collaboration across teams as you can easily track one another’s progress as you go! A great unique feature of Toodledo is that it can integrate location-based reminders, so if you’re near something you need to do, it can remind you so you don’t forget while you’re out!

Screenshot of Toodledo

Best for: When you need reminders of things near you while on-the-go.
Cost: Free, with the option for paid subscriptions.
Silver: $14.99/year
Gold: $29.99/year
Platinum: $89.99
Available on: Web — Chrome — Firefox — Safari — Edge
iOSAndroidToodledo Third Party Apps


11. Habitica

Habitica logo

Habitica helps you keep track of your tasks and ongoing projects, but in a fun and unique way. Habitica is set up like a game to help motivate you to do your tasks and achieve your goals. As you complete tasks, you earn game-specific currency that you can spend on fun activities as a reward for your hard work. As you get increasingly productive, you can level-up, and unlock in-game content. If you need something a little less plain and a little more fun for completing your daily routine, check out Habitica.

Add to-do tasks to Habitica

Best for: When you want to add some fun into your daily routines.
Cost: Free!
Available on: WebAndroidiOS


12. Fabulous

Fabulous logo

This app for Google devices is backed by scientific research, and provides you with a daily schedule to achieve your goals. Fabulous focuses on health and productivity, so you can be sure to keep your sanity while still getting work done. Fabulous will give you prompts such as “Disconnect all your digital devices,” and even has human coaches who can help you with your goals.

Daily list on Fabulous

Best for: When you want a more relaxed task management app that will help keep you healthy and productive at the same time.
Cost: Free (with in-app purchases).
Available on: Android


That’s our list of the best apps and best sites for organizing, and for task management. We hope that one of the apps or sites will help you get organized, and start working away at your to-do list. 

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