How to Save Up to 75% with Hobby Lobby and Other Coupons

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Everyone needs a hobby – they’re fun, a great way to spend time, and often, a great way to get in touch with yourself and discover new interests. Unfortunately, they can also tend to get very expensive, especially as you get more dedicated to them. But don’t worry, we’ve come to the rescue. We’re going to help you fit your fun activities into a budget, and teach you how you can save money with online hobby coupons.


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Check out our tips below, and our list of the best sites to buy pastime products on, and most importantly, how you can save money with online coupons before you press that “Buy” button.

What’s a hobby store?

A hobby store is an online retailer that sells items related to hobbies, arts and crafts, do-it-yourself activities, to help provide you with everything you need for your favorite at-home activities. These hobby stores often also sell home décor and seasonally-themed decorations and supplies.

Hobby stores are a great way to find those specialized materials that you often won’t find in a typical department store or at a mall. Because of this, however, the materials are often slightly more expensive than similar things you can find in other cheaper stores. The quality of the products, though, is usually far superior.

What can you buy at a hobby store?

Craft supplies

  • Art supplies
  • Baking and cooking products
  • Beads and DIY jewelry
  • Craft & hobby supplies
  • Drones
  • Fabric & sewing supplies
  • Floral arrangement items
  • Home décor
  • Home storage solutions
  • Ironing supplies
  • Party supplies
  • Picture and artwork frames
  • Remote-controlled vehicles
  • Scrapbooking and paper craft supplies
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Tie die kits
  • Wedding supplies
  • Yarn and knitting/crochet supplies

And depending on your store of choice, much more! Our list of the best sites to get hobby coupons below should help you make that decision.

What are some popular hobby stores that offer discount coupons?

Some of the best ways to take advantage of these exclusive online discounts are with Hobby Lobby coupons, or a Michaels craft store coupon. These two giants offer weekly discounts, and almost always, a weekly hobby promo code that can help you save money.

They also very frequently run seasonal promotions, especially when trying to sell off their home décor and decoration stock for holiday-themed products. Make sure you take advantage of all of these offers whenever you can, and don’t ever buy something on a hobby store website without looking for a hobby coupon first!

1. Hobby Lobby


Hobby Lobby has been one of the biggest and best suppliers of hobby supplies in the United States for a very long time. On their site, you can purchase thousands of items, and are even often offered a variety of choice when it comes to items that you can purchase with a Hobby Lobby coupon. Their site also has helpful DIY videos for home projects, and offers a Weekly Deal.

Hobby Lobby coupon button


2. Michaels


Michaels has thousands of items for sale in a variety of categories, and is sure to help you find almost anything you’re looking for that is hobby-related. Michaels also has a rewards program, which is great if you’re a frequent shopper, and they have a newsletter that offers exclusive deals. You can also chat with a hobby expert right on the website, who can help answer any of your questions before you make a purchase. You can check out their weekly deal with exclusive Michaels coupons here!

Michaels coupon button


3. Tower Hobbies


Tower Hobbies has quite a variety of different items available for sale, but also caters to enthusiasts of airplanes, remote-controlled vehicles, boats, engines, gears, radios, and even sells tools and building supplies. If your hobbies are a little on the greasy side, or often require batteries and motors, Tower Hobbies is probably the site for you.

Tower Hobbies coupon button


4. HobbyTron


HobbyTron is your one-stop shop for all things tech-hobby! If you like radio-controlled vehicles (cars, helicopters, tanks, etc.), drones, airsoft, and all those great things, then HobbyTron is the place to go. With free shipping over $99, a 45-day “True Warranty,” and a rewards program, you can’t do much better than that!

HobbyTron coupon button


5. Craft Warehouse


Craft Warehouse is similar to Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but has a few unique elements. In addition to offering typical craft and DIY products, Craft Warehouse has great inspiration on its website, including helpful videos and project ideas for your home. If you want instructions and unique ideas for how to decorate your home – and the website where you can buy everything you need – then Craft Warehouse is your hobby store.

Craft Warehouse coupon button


Where can I get these coupons?

When looking for a hobby store coupon, one of the best places to start is directly on the website. Hobby sites often have a “weekly ad” or “weekly deal” they advertise themselves, right at the top of the website. These often include their weekly flyers and basic deals offered throughout the store.

Another great option is to look on promo-specific websites. One of the reasons this method is better is because you can see which of your favorite hobby shops is offering the best deals and coupons that week, so you know which site you should buy from.

Some of the best sites to look for include:

  • eBates – displays coupon codes for popular sites, and offers cash back to you if you make purchases on some of those sites.
  • SlickDeals – a compilation of the best coupons and money-saving strategies for online and retail shopping (based on products – not stores).
  • RetailMeNot – offers over 500, 000 coupons for 50, 000 stores and retailers.
  • Groupon – offers time-sensitive discounts on products and activities based on your location.
  • – contains coupon codes, cash-back offers, and coupons based on your loyalty.

How do I actually use these coupons?

If you want to find a coupon for your favorite store, and then make sure you save money when making a purchase, here are the steps we would advise taking:

1. Check out the website you want to use and see what weekly or daily deals they are offering.

Always start with the website itself to see what kinds of deals they are offering. Because many hobby sites offer seasonal products, it’s quite likely that the deals they offer may save you more money than what you’ll find with a coupon (because usually, you can’t use a promo code on items already on sale).

Hobby website weekly coupon example

2. Do a basic Google search for coupons for that website.

Start a Google search, typing something similar to: “[name of store] coupons”
This will help you find any sites offering coupons for you, or just go to any of the sites we listed above and see if they are currently offering coupons for your hobby store. Because coupons often expire after short periods of time, a Google search can be very effective at finding hobby coupon codes that are still live and will still work at the checkout.

Hobby coupon websites

3. Check reviews and ratings of the deal to see if it’s legitimate.

When using a coupon code from a website, typically, they will offer you some kind of user-related insight on the coupon, and whether or not it has been working for other people. Check out these recommendations and success rates, and don’t waste your time with coupons that show less than a 50% success rate.

Check validity of online coupon

4. Apply the coupon code when making your purchase on the retailer’s website.

When checking out, find the box, text, or other element that asks for a Coupon Code or a Promo Code. From there, follow the website’s instructions, which typically involve entering and submitting the code. After that, you should see the price of your order go down instantly.

Enter promo code


We hope this article helps you ease some of the pressure on your hobbies and pastime budget. If you’re into do-it-yourself activities and crafts, you may want to check out Etsy or Pinterest – both have great ideas for DIY activities, and even allow you to purchase handmade, one-of-a-kind items!

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