Facebook Activity Log

What is your Facebook Activity Log?

The Facebook activity log allows you to review and modify what you post to Facebook. Anything you do on Facebook, even anything you’re tagged in on Facebook, ends up here. You can use the Facebook activity log to review posts, and even hide posts if you so choose.

To access your activity log, select the Activity Log option by clicking the arrow button () beside the Privacy Shortucts menu in the top-right corner.

How to Manage Your Activity Log

Here’s what your Activity Log on Facebook looks like. We’ve provided numbers in the screenshot at areas of interest; the numbered points below will explain what they do.

1. All – This shows you all of your activity on Facebook in reverse chronological order. Every comment, like, status update, photo, video, or any other sort of activity that you have done or been tagged in on Facebook will appear here.

2. Timeline Review – This is where you can manage your tagged posts. You have the option to have tagged posts go here for your approval before they end up on your Timeline. Click Add to Timeline if you want the post to appear in your Timeline. Otherwise, click Hide.

3. Posts Section – This breaks down all of the posts you’ve made, including status updates you’ve made on your timeline or original posts you’ve made on your friends’ timelines. The posts are listed by type: your posts, posts you’re tagged in, posts by others, and posts you’ve hidden. This is a quick and easy way to find old posts you’ve made without having to locate them in your Timeline, which would take a lot longer.

4. Other Types – Any other type of activity on Facebook ends up here. The most common things you’ll find here are photos, likes, and comments, but the drop-down menu also includes things like friend requests sent and received, events created and attended, and games played. Click MORE to see the other types of activity.

5. Apps – Some applications will ask if you will allow them to post on your behalf. If you do so, you can review all of the posts that applications have made on your Timeline here.

How to Delete Something from the Activity Log on Facebook

If you want to delete a post, photo, or anything else, simply find the post that you’re looking for and select the Edit icon () to the right.

From there, you can click Delete to get rid of the post.

You do not have the option to delete posts or photos that someone else tags you in (because they’re someone else’s posts, not yours), but you are able to go back to the Edit icon () and remove the tag, effectively removing the post from your Timeline.

If you need a refresher on what tagging is on Facebook, head on over to our Facebook Tagging tutorial.


That’s a brief explanation of how to use your Activity Log on Facebook!