How to Book on Airbnb

You've used Airbnb to find a nice place to stay at your next trip destination. Great! Now, how do you go about letting the renter know that you'd like to book their place? Let us walk you through it!

How to Book a Rental Property on Airbnb

  1. After searching for and finding a place that you'd like to stay at the destination you specified and on the dates that you specified (see our Airbnb Search tutorial for more information), click on it to see its details.

  2. Before you go any further, you're probably going to want to log in (if you haven't already), because you will be asked to eventually. Click Log In in the top-right corner to bring up the pop-up window seen in the screenshot below. Click in each of the text boxes highlighted and type in your email address and password, and then click the "Log In" button in the pop-up window.

  3. Now, back to the business at hand. Scroll down to see more details about the place you're thinking of renting, including the price (total and per night), amenities, property type, and a general description of the space and its surrounding location.  Be sure to check the house rules, cancellation policy, guest reviews, and host biography to decide if this really is a place you'd like to stay!

    If you've decided that you want to book this place, click Request to Book.

  4. You will now have to enter your billing information. There's a lot of stuff to do here, so we'll break it down into separate steps for you. First is how you're going to pay for your booking.  Click the buttons in the screenshot below if you need help knowing what information goes where.



    Click this drop-down menu and select what country you live in (or which one issued your credit card). Your options in this step and the next may change slightly, depending on which country you select.


    Payment Type

    You can click this drop-down menu to select whether you want to pay with a credit card or some other payment service, such as PayPal. (For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll assume you want to pay with a credit card.)


    Card Type

    Click this drop-down menu to select the brand of credit card that you use.


    Expires On

    Click each of these drop-down menus to select, respectively, the month and year that your credit card expires.


    Card Number

    Click in this box and type in your credit card number as it appears on the front of your credit card, without adding any spaces between digits.


    Security Code

    Click in this box and type in your credit card’s security code (usually a 3-digit or 4-digit number). Click the help button () next to the box if you need help finding where this number is on your credit card.

  5. Next up is the address that Airbnb can bill you at.  Again, click the buttons in the screenshot below if you need an explanation for any of the information that you need to enter.


    First Name

    Click in this box and type in your first name.


    Last Name

    Click in this box and type in your last name.


    Street Address

    Click in this box and type in the address for the building where you live.


    Apt #

    If you live in a multi-address building, such as an apartment or condominium, you can click in this box and type in your unit address.



    Click in this box and type in the name of the city where you live.



    Click in this box and type in the name of the region where you live.


    ZIP/Postal Code

    Click in this box and type in your mailing code.

  6. Finally, you can write a personal message to your host. Click in the text box highlighted below and type in some details about your trip. Some ideas are:

    - Who you are and what you do
    - Why you are going to your destination (vacation, business trip, visit friends, etc.)
    - Who is coming with you (friends, relatives, kids, or maybe nobody else)
    - What specifically attracted you to this property

    A personal message makes in more likely for the host to trust you and agree to book you.  When you're done, click Request to Book.

The host will have 24 hours to accept your booking request. If they do, you will receive an email confirmation. Congratulations on booking a place to stay with Airbnb! Enjoy your lodgings... and your trip!

Instant Booking

Some hosts don't want to have to approve every single booking request that they receive, so they use a feature called "Instant Booking". This allows them to set certain criteria that they want their guests to meet, and then anyone who wants to rent their property and fits those criteria can book it immediately without having to wait for the host's approval.

Whenever you find a listing marked with a lightning bolt icon (), it means that you're potentially eligible for Instant Booking with that property. Do note, though, that you have to at least have a profile picture, and perhaps other verifications, to use it.


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