Searching on Airbnb

So, you’re on Airbnb now. The next step is finding a place where you want to stay when you take your next trip. Fortunately, we’re here to walk you through it and make it easy.


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How to Search on Airbnb

  1. Go to in your web browser. Look for the search bar near the top of the page; you may want to scroll down a bit so it’s easier to see any drop-downs that appear. Click in each of the boxes shown in the screenshot below and type in or select your destination, your check-in date, your check-out date, and your number of travelers. Then click Search.
  2. When you click Search, you’ll now be taken to the search page. There’s a lot to cover here, so refer to the numbered legend below the screenshot for additional details.

    1. Destination – You can click in this box and type in a new destination, if you wish. Like before, you can click on the menu that drops down to pick one of the suggestions.

    2. Dates – You can change your check-in and check-out dates here, as well as the number of guests who will be staying. These work the same as they do in the search bar on Airbnb’s front page.

    3. Area Map – This shows you the general area of your destination, along with any of the listings that are located there. Click a marker button () to see information about the property at that location. Click this information to see more details about that property.

    You can also click and drag at an empty space on the map to change the area that you’re looking at, or click the “+” or “-” buttons in the top-left corner to zoom the map in or out. If the box next to “Search When I Move the Map” has a check in it (you can click it to remove this check or add it again), the listings you see in the right-hand menu may change when you do this.

    4. Room Type – Click a check box beside an option here if you have a privacy preference.

    Entire Place: You’ll be the only ones in the space; nobody else will disturb you.

    Private Room: You’ll have a private area, but some areas may be shared with others.

    Shared Room: Your area may be shared with or open to others.

    5. Price Range – Click and drag the left slider here to set a minimum daily rate for spaces you see (if you’re looking for something with a little more quality), or click and drag the right slider here to set a maximum daily rate for spaces you see (if you’re on a bit of a budget).

    6. More Filters – Click this button to see more options for narrowing down what places you’d like to look at, including how many bathrooms/bedrooms/beds they have, what neighbourhoods they’re in, what features they have, or anything specific in their description that you’re looking for.

    Click the check boxes beside the options you want, or click the small arrows on the right side of each category to see more options in that category. Or, if you’re looking for certain key words, you can click the text box there and type them in.

    ​When you’re done selecting your criteria, click Show Listings to see the new list of places that match your search criteria. If you have already set some criteria, you can also click the “X” button beside any criterion in order to remove it from your search.

    7. Listings – These are the rental spaces that match your search criteria. Scroll down to see more of them, or click on one to see more details.

And that pretty much covers the basic search options on Airbnb!