Now that you’ve signed up for and learned how works, you’re probably wondering how followers work.  You may also be wondering how you can get more followers for your profile. After all, asking and answering questions is easier and more fun when you have followers! But how can you see who follows you on, and how do you get more followers?

To see who follows you on, view your profile. The number of followers you have is displayed underneath your profile picture. Because of the anonymous nature of the website, there is no way for you to see which users actually follow your profile – only the number of followers is displayed.

Though it is sometimes frustrating to not be able to see your followers, it can actually be advantageous to you as well. You can ask questions and follow other users anonymously, meaning if you wanted to ask someone something that you’re just too nervous to ask in person, provides you with an opportunity to do so.

However, having an account in an anonymous environment can be a safety concern. Make sure to take a look at our article on how to stay safe while using Remember too, that you can ask questions publicly, and allow a user to see that you’re asking them something.  This allows you to have a grasp of who is following you as you continue to receive more questions.

To get followers on, the best method is to ask and answer as many questions as possible. You can also add hashtags to your profile to connect with users who have similar interests, or you can find your friends through your existing social media accounts by connecting them to your account.


That’s everything there is to know about followers! If you want to know how you can find your friends on to increase your number of followers, or the number of people you follow, see our tutorial on how to use