How to Back Up Your WhatsApp Messages

Worried about losing certain messages on WhatsApp if you accidentally delete them or the conversations that they belong to, or need to uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile phone for some reason? This lesson will show you how to create a backup of your chat history, and how to get it back on your phone if you need it.

To back up WhatsApp messages:

  1. Turn on your phone and launch WhatsApp.
  2. Tap "Other Options" (the three white dots), then Settings, then Chats and Calls, and then Chat Backup.
  3. Select your back up options, and then tap the Back Up button.
  4. Uninstall WhatsApp, and then re-install it.
  5. During the re-installation process, tap Restore.

Is that too little detail for you?  Don't sweat it!  We've outlined the whole process below, including pictures of what you need to look for and tap.

Detailed instructions for how to back up WhatsApp messages

  1. Turn on your mobile phone and tap WhatsApp to open it.
  2. Tap the "More Options" button (the three white dots) in the top-right corner, and then tap Settings in the menu that appears.

    WhatsApp settings menu

  3. In your "Settings" menu, tap Chats and Calls.

    WhatsApp Chats and Calls settings

  4. Under "Chat Settings," tap Chat Backup.

    Chat Backup settings menu

  5. Here, you can select the options for backing up your messages. If you have a Google account (such as if you use Gmail), you can also back up your chat to Google Drive.

    WhatsApp backup messages menu and available settings

    Tap each of the options below the Back Up button to select:

    – When you want your chat history to back up to Google Drive (if at all)
    – Which Google account you want to back up to
    – What protocol you want to use to back up (choose Wi-Fi Only to avoid using phone minutes)
    – Whether or not you want to include videos

    When you've finished selecting your options, tap the Back Up button.

  6. If you wish to restore a backup of your messages, simply remove WhatsApp from your phone, and then re-install it. 

    During the set-up process, WhatsApp should automatically detect whether or not you have a backup on your phone's internal memory storage or on your Google Drive. Tap Restore to get your messages back.

    WhatsApp Restore buttton - for backed up messages

    Source: WhatsApp


That's how to create and restore a backup of your WhatsApp messages! For more helpful tutorials, like how to change your privacy settings, or how to search on WhatsApp, check out the rest of our free WhatsApp course.