BBC iPlayer Radio Podcasts

What are BBC iPlayer Radio podcasts?

"Podcasts" are somewhat special variations of the programs that you can listen to on BBC iPlayer Radio.  The major difference between podcasts and the other content on BBC iPlayer Radio is that you can actually download podcast programs onto your computer.  This means that you can listen to them pretty much anywhere you take your computer, even if you aren't on the BBC iPlayer Radio website, or even connected to the Internet! 

Plus, you can sometimes set up podcasts to automatically download to your computer as soon as a new one becomes available!  This is a bit of an advanced function, though, so we're just going to stick to helping you find, listen to, and manually download podcasts from the BBC iPlayer Radio website.

How to browse for BBC iPlayer Radio podcasts

  1. Go to in your web browser.  Click the Categories drop-down menu in the sub-header, and then click Podcasts.

    Browse BBC iPlayer Radio podcasts

  2. The easiest way to find podcasts that you're interested in is by scrolling down until you see the grid in the screenshot below.

    How to filter BBC iPlayer Radio podcast browsing results

    Then, you can simply click on the available options to filter the available podcasts according to which BBC station their program airs on, or what genre and subgenre their program belongs to.  If you've narrowed things down too far, click Clear Selection to reset all of your filters. 

    You can also search for podcasts according to keywords related to them by clicking in the box labelled "Search", typing in words or names associated with the (type of) podcast that you're looking for, and then clicking the magnifying glass icon.

  3. Podcasts that match your search filters or keywords will appear below the grid.  Simply click on one to go to the page for that podcast.

    How to select a BBC iPlayer Radio podcast to listen to

  4. Under "Episodes to Download", you will see a list of episodes of this program that are available to download as podcasts.  Click on one to go to its corresponding webpage.

    How to select a specific episode of a BBC iPlayer Radio podcast

How to listen to and download BBC iPlayer Radio podcasts

  1. Listening to podcasts works almost identically to listening to other BBC iPlayer Radio programs, so see the "How to Play BBC iPlayer Radio Programs" section of our How to Browse and Play BBC iPlayer Radio Programs tutorial if you need help with that.

  2. Underneath the player window — next to the Share, Favourite, and Love buttons — you should see a button that says Download MP3.  Click this to begin the process of downloading the podcast.

    Button for downloading a BBC iPlayer Radio podcast

  3. A save prompt should appear, asking how you would like to download this podcast.  Make sure the button beside "Save File" is selected (click it if it isn't), and then click OK.

    Prompt for downloading a BBC iPlayer Radio podcast

  4. Use the explorer window that pops up to navigate to the place where you'd like to save the podcast, and then click Save.

    Select location to download BBC iPlayer Radio podcast to

    (NOTE: If the explorer window doesn't show up and the download starts automatically, check your Downloads folder.)

  5. When your podcast finishes downloading, simply go back to your computer desktop, find where you saved the podcast, and double-click it to open it and play it anytime you want!

    How to open a downloaded BBC iPlayer Radio podcast

That's a brief how-to for podcasts on BBC iPlayer Radio!