Best 5 Apps and Websites Like Yik Yak

Last updated: November 15, 2016 - 1:04pm EST

You may be a Yik Yak user, or just a social media enthusiast.  Regardless, you may be interested in learning about the apps like Yik Yak, and what these Yik Yak competitors have to offer you. With Yik Yak’s veil of anonymity, you can ask questions to anyone, and learn as much as you can about your local city. Check out these Yik Yak alternatives and start learning more today!

1. Whisper

Whisper logo


Whisper is a website and app where users can share their thoughts, feelings, and desires with every other person who browses Whisper... all without needing to reveal their identity. Users post an image related to a short comment, and these images can be shared and liked amongst users. These “whispers” can also be sorted into categories; you can browse through “love and relationships”, “pop culture”, “student life”, and more to find the meaningful inspiration -- or comic relief -- you’re looking for throughout the day. You can also download the Whisper app to take Whisper with you on the go!

2. logo

( is a social media website that focuses on getting to know people through the asking and answering of questions. Virtually anyone can sign up, and offer as much or as little information about themselves as they want to. Users are also protected by an additional layer of anonymity, as they are allowed to pose questions on other user’s profiles anonymously. This way, you can learn something about someone else without needing to let them know who is asking. You can follow users with the same interests as you, and then answer the questions they ask you to gain more followers yourself.

If you're interested in learning more about, visit our course on it!

3. LikeWhere

LikeWhere logo


LikeWhere is an app that is similar to Yik Yak in its focus on local information and entertainment. After you input some information about the things you like in a familiar city, LikeWhere will tell you what you would like in a new city. LikeWhere can help you find all the things you would love to do in an unfamiliar or new place, whether you’ve just moved in or are just vacationing. It may even help you discover places you might not have known existed in a city you do know.

4. After School

After School logo


After School is an app for American teenagers that allows them to openly share their thoughts and feelings with students from their school.  Users can choose whether they would like to reveal their name or remain anonymous. After School also has strict rules against cyber-bullying, ridicule, or any kind of judgment.  As a result, many students are able to use After School to make new connections with students at their school, and share messages of encouragement and positivity that help other students get through the day.

5. AroundMe

AroundMe logo


AroundMe is not a social media app, but (like Yik Yak) it focuses on locating landmarks and services around you quickly. Find banks, bars, gas stations, hotels, hospitals, or any other places you want or need to go to while out and about. AroundMe is a great tool to use when you’re in a new city; it helps you find all of the facilities that you need to use regularly, as well as those you need in a pinch. It’s available in many languages, and contains data from all over the world. With AroundMe, you’ll never be lost again!


Those are the best apps and websites like Yik Yak. Check out any one of them to learn more about them, or learn more about Yik Yak with our tutorial on how to use Yik Yak. You can also learn more about other components of Yik Yak by checking out our entire course offerings on Yik Yak.

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