How to Book on

In our last lesson, we showed you how to search for listings on  But how do you book a stay at one?  As you may have noticed, most listings on will direct you to the partner websites of, and then you will have to book the rental property from there.  However, there are certain listings that you can book right on itself!  This lesson will show you how to do that.

How to book a rental property through

  1. Go to and search for a rental property listing that says "Book Now on".  (See steps 1 and 3 in our How to Search tutorial for help with searching for rental property listings.)  Then click on Book on

  2. On the next page, you will have to enter three sets of information.  Let's start with the first two.

    The first set of information is your guest information.  Scroll down until you see the heading "Your Guest Details", and then click in each of the boxes here and enter:

    – your first name
    – your last name
    – your email address
    – your phone number

    Once you've filled in that information, scroll down until you see the heading "Your Payment Information", and the click in each of the boxes and type in:

    – your credit card number
    – your credit card's security code
    – the month and year that your credit card expires in

  3. The last thing you will have to fill in is your billing information. 

    Scroll down until you see the heading "Your Billing Information", and then click in each of the boxes and type in or select:

    – your name (as it appears on your credit card)
    – your street address (use the second line for a unit address, if applicable)
    – the city in which you live
    – the state, province, or territory in which you live
    – your area mailing code
    – the country in which you live

  4. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of the property before you decide to book it.  When you're ready, click Book Now.


Congratulations on booking a place to stay during your vacation with!