How to Buy on SellMyTimeshareNow

Sometimes, renting a timeshare through SellMyTimeshareNow just won't cut it.  If you're looking instead to buy a timeshare to use year after year, then SellMyTimeshareNow is also a great resource.  It has over 50,000 properties for sale, from over 5,000 resorts worldwide, at prices that are significantly reduced from retail rates.  In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use SellMyTimeshareNow to get in contact with someone looking to part with their timeshare.

To buy a timeshare on SellMyTimeshareNow:

  1. Use your web browser to go to  Move your mouse cursor over Find a Timeshare in the top menu, and then select Timeshares for Sale.

    How to find timeshares for sale on SellMyTimeshareNow

  2. Similar to when you go to rent a timeshare, you will have to click on which region of the world in which you would like to search for a timeshare to purchase.  Again, we'll go with the United States.

    Selecting a world region to search for timeshares for sale

  3. You must then click on sub-regions of the region that you selected (either on the map or on the left-hand menu) until you narrow down the specific resort that you wish to buy from.  In this case, we'll go with Florida, then Florida – Northern Gulf Coast, then Treasure Island, and finally Sand Pebble Resort.

    How to find a specific resort to buy a timeshare from

  4. Like when looking for a timeshare to rent on SellMyTimeshareNow, you can click on the filtering options at the top of the screen (which follow you as you scroll down) to narrow your search even further by: price range, week of the year that they're available, unit size, and other factors (such as seasonal availability, usage frequency, and available amenities).

    How to filter, sort, and select timeshares for sale

    You can also sort your results based on how relevant they are to your search, the name of the resort (in alphabetical order), the week(s) the unit is available (earliest to latest or vice-versa), and the unit price (low to high or vice-versa).

    You can also click the number beside "Week(s)" on any property to see approximate dates for the week(s) that it will be available over the next few years.

    Once you find a timeshare that you're interested in, click the View button beside it.

  5. Like when viewing a timeshare for rent on the website, you can see more information about that timeshare on the left side of the screen.  This includes pictures of the property, its general amenities, its address, and its technical details.  Other information includes a description of the resort, as well as amenities available inside the unit itself, on the resort, or nearby.

    How to submit an inquiry about a timeshare for sale

    If you would like SellMyTimeshareNow to put you in contact with the owner/manager of the property with regards to buying it, click in each of the boxes under "Inquire About This Property" and type in or select:

    – your first name
    – your last name
    – your email address
    – your phone number
    – the amount you're offering to buy the timeshare for (in U.S. dollars)
    – the reason for your inquiry (e.g. making an offer, asking for more info, asking for contact info)
    – any other information that you would like to make known to the property owner/manager

    Once you've filled in all of that information, click Submit Your Inquiry.  Hopefully, the owner or manager of the timeshare that you wish to buy will respond to your inquiry by email or phone call before too long.  Then, you can start the process of negotiating the price of the timeshare, and hopefully eventually transferring its ownership to you!  To see how the rest of that process works, click here.


Anyway, that's how to get the ball rolling on purchasing a timeshare for yourself on SellMyTimeshareNow!  If you're looking instead to sell or rent out a timeshare that you already own through SellMyTimeshareNow, have a look at our next tutorial.