Buzzfeed Review

Buzzfeed is a site meant to make you laugh or go “aww” at their pictures, videos, quizzes, and other content around the site. But is Buzzfeed really useful to you? Take a look at our pros and cons of using Buzzfeed here.


  • Lots of different content – Whatever mood you’re in, there’s lots of content to explore. If you want visuals, take a look at some GIFs or videos or pictures. If you want words, read some of their articles.

  • Join the conversation – A lot of people use Buzzfeed, so by using it, you’re keeping up with the ongoing Buzzfeed conversation, either with social media like Twitter or Facebook, or in person with friends.

  • Easy-to-use Template – Their interface is very easy to navigate. Even from their homepage, you can clearly see what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s making headlines.

  • Interactive Features – Participate in some quizzes and share them to your social media to see what results your friends get. Buzzfeed’s quizzes are very popular in social media.



  • Not very news-based – Sure, Buzzfeed has some of the most talked-about news right now, but it’s not really the basis of their site.

  • Connected with Facebook – If you want to add a comment or rate a video, you’ll have to be connected to Facebook, which means if you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s a few features less that you’re able to use on the site.

  • Not anonymous – Because you have to use Facebook to comment, everyone else will see your Facebook name, making your comment less anonymous than maybe you’d prefer.

The Bottom Line: 8/10 

Even though the website is not anonymous when commenting – and you have to be logged into Facebook to rate or comment – for the purpose of the website, the layout and content is executed excellently. It’s easy to navigate and an easy conversation starter for social media.