Buzzfeed Videos

BuzzFeed videos are not your typical videos. They aren’t tutorials, they aren’t newsl, and they definitely do not plan to educate. What they are is entertaining and hilarious – and some are even hilariously true.

How to Find Buzzfeed Videos

At the header of the BuzzFeed website, you’ll see the tab for Videos. Click on it.

You will be taken to BuzzFeed’s video page. At the top, you’ll notice a featured video – it’ll be hard not to notice since this thumbnail image is the largest on the page.

Underneath will be a small selection of the most watched videos…

…and under that will be a list of All Videos in no particular order. Or you can click the BuzzFeed Originals tab to see videos made by BuzzFeed’s staff.

Watching a Buzzfeed Video

Take a look around the Buzzfeed video page to find a video that interests you. When you’ve found something you’d like to watch, select it by either clicking the thumbnail image – the snapshot or still photo of the video – or the title of the video.

This will redirect you to the video’s page. Click on the Play button (the triangle) in the middle of the screen to begin watching the video. When you’re done, you can share the video with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email at the click of a button.

You can even rate the video by scrolling down to the “Your Reaction” section. Click the word that best describes your reaction or click the arrow on the right to see more reaction options.

NOTE: To prevent over-voting by a single person, you must be logged into Google Plus or Facebook to submit a reaction.

And that’s a quick introduction to BuzzFeed’s videos!