How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium

If you’ve read our article on LinkedIn Premium, you know about all of the great features you can get with a subscription to a LinkedIn Premium account. But if you’ve signed up and then realized you don’t need all of the added features, or if you’ve already used it successfully to find a job, you may not need to pay for LinkedIn anymore, and simply want to leave your online resume up.


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If you need to learn how cancel LinkedIn Premium, you’ve come to the right place.

To cancel LinkedIn Premium:

  1. Visit in a web browser and sign in.

  2. Click Me on the top menu, and select Premium Subscriptions Settings from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Cancel Subscription under the “Account type” heading

  4. Click Continue to Cancel.

  5. Select a reason for cancelling your subscription, and then click Confirm Cancellation.

When you’re all finished, click Done to return to your LinkedIn homepage. You will continue to have LinkedIn Premium features until the end of your billing cycle. Check out our detailed set of instructions below (with images) so you can understand each step a little better.

Detailed Instructions for how to cancel LinkedIn Premium

1. Visit

Any web browser will do the trick, so use your favorite web browser and enter in the address bar. Then, make sure you sign into your account.

LinkedIn sign in form

2. Access your LinkedIn settings, and manage your account subscriptions.

Click Me on the main menu, and then click Premium Subscription Settings from the drop-down menu.

Premium subscription settings menu

3. Find your account type and cancel your subscription.

Locate your account type at the top-left of the settings options, and click Cancel Subscription.

Premium subscriptions menu

4. Confirm you want to cancel.

You will see a table showing you what features you get with your current subscription, compared to a free LinkedIn account. If you want to continue, click Continue to Cancel. You can also click Stay Premium if you have a change of heart.

Comparison of LinkedIn Free with LinkedIn Premium

5. Indicate a reason for why you are cancelling your subscription.

Choose a reason for why you want to cancel your Premium subscription by clicking one of the empty circles. Then click Confirm Cancellation.

Choose reason for cancelling Premium subscription

6. Confirm the cancellation of your Premium account.

When you’re all finished and ready to go back to LinkedIn Free, click Done.

Confirm cancellation of your Premium account

3 notes for cancelling your LinkedIn Premium account

  1. Remember that if you cancel a subscription to LinkedIn Premium, you still have the free account. You will need to delete your account if you want to take your profile off of LinkedIn for good.

  2. You will still have access to your LinkedIn account Premium features until the end of your billing period. So for example, if your billing period ends on the 17th of the month, and you cancel on the 10th, you will still have 7 days of LinkedIn Premium before your account reverts back to the free account.

  3. Once you find a job, it may often make sense to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription. Many of the features help you reach more people, and is less worth it if you aren’t actively pursuing a job.


And that’s how you cancel your subscription to LinkedIn Premium. If you want more information on what you’ll be missing once you cancel your account, check out our previous article on what LinkedIn Premium is. If you’re looking to get rid of your account for good, check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to delete your LinkedIn account.