How to Change Your Hulu Password

Last updated: August 31, 2015 - 1:40pm EDT

Even if you have a free Hulu account, you should probably put a strong password on it to keep anyone from getting into it and messing it up or seeing your personal details.  It would be an even greater shame if someone used your Hulu Plus subscription without your permission to watch movies and TV shows for free.

If you think that your Hulu password isn't up to par, then you can easily change it.  If you need a hand figuring out a good password to use, have a look at our How to Make a Strong Password tutorial (here).

How to change your Hulu password

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Move your mouse cursor over your name in the top-right corner until a drop-down menu appears.  Click Account.

    Hulu account settings access button

    (NOTE: You may have to re-enter your password.)

  3. Under the "Personal Information" section, click Change Password.

    Hulu change password access button

  4. Click in the box labelled "Enter Current Password" and type in the password that you are currently using to secure your Hulu account.  Then click in the box labelled "Enter New Password" and type in a new password that you want to use for your Hulu account.  Then click in the box labelled "Confirm New Password" and type in a copy of the password that you just entered.  Finally, click Save New Password.

    Hulu change password form

Alright!  Now you have a brand new password to protect your Hulu account with.


If instead you've forgotten your Hulu password and are locked out of your account, then head over to our next tutorial on how to reset your Hulu password.

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