How to Change Your WeChat Password

Do you want to change the password for your WeChat account because you’re ready to upgrade its security? If you need to know how to change your password, we can help you here with our step-by-step instructions. Changing the password for your account periodically is always a great idea!

To change your WeChat password:

  1. Open the WeChat app and sign into your account.
  2. Tap Me.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Account Security, and then Password.
  5. Enter your old password and tap OK.
  6. In the box labelled “Enter Password,” type a new password, and re-type it to confirm it in the box below labelled “Confirm Password.”
  7. Tap Done.

Was that a little too quick? If you want a more detailed breakdown of these steps, and some images to help you at each step, check out our detailed instructions (with images) below!

Detailed instructions for changing your WeChat password

1. Launch the WeChat app.

Tap the WeChat icon on your device’s home screen to launch the app.

Launch WeChat app from device home screen

2. Find your personal menu and access your account settings.

Tap Me along the bottom row of menus, and then tap Settings.

WeChat Settings menu

3. Choose the Account Security menu.

Tap the Account Security box.

WeChat Account Security menu

4. Find your password settings menu.

Tap the Password box to access the password menu.

WeChat Password menu

5. Enter your old password to confirm your identity.

Using your on-screen keyboard, type your old password to confirm it is really you trying to change your password. When you’re finished, tap OK.

Enter old WeChat password to condirm identity

6. Choose a new password, enter it, and confirm it. Review the changes and submit your new password.

Think of a new password, and if you need some tips, check out the paragraph below! In the first box labelled “Enter Password,” type a new password. In the box below labelled “Confirm Password,” re-type the same password, making sure it matches. When you’re all finished, and have taken stock of your new password, tap the green Done button in the top-right corner.

WeChat change password form

Tips for changing your password

When changing your password, there are a few things you need to remember to ensure you are creating a secure password that will be difficult for others to guess or hack. Here are some tips to help you create the strongest password possible.

1. Make your passwords sufficiently long.

A strong password should have an absolute minimum of 8 characters, but is much stronger in the 12-15 character range. Be sure your passwords are at least this long, but make them as long as possible, so long as you can remember them.

2. Use special characters, in addition to letters and numbers.

Simply using letters and numbers is not sufficient, as adding special characters increases the amount of possibilities for your password astronomically. Using all three of these in combination is the best way to increase the strength of your passwords.

3. Use both upper and lower-case letters.

In addition, making some of your letters upper-case and some lower-case also increases the strength of your password, making it much more difficult to guess.

4. Don’t use common words, phrases, or patterns, or information about you that’s easy to obtain.

Never include information about yourself, or your family, in your passwords. Using things such as birthdays, anniversaries, license plate numbers, and so on, makes your password very easy to guess, as this information is easy for others to find, even those who are not close to you. Also, avoid using phrases such as “password” or easy patterns such as “123456.”

5. Create your password using something memorable, so you won’t forget it.

Though you may implement all of these strategies into your passwords, be sure it is still something you can remember! If you make your password too random or complex, and you can never remember it, that is also not secure. Try to use phrases that appeal to you, or have to do with things you really like or do frequently, and then get creative with them.

To learn more about how to make a strong password, check out our TechBoomers article on making strong passwords here.


And that’s how you change your WeChat password. If you’re having a problem with your account because you are locked out and cannot get in to change the password, you may need to read our tutorial to learn how to reset your WeChat password.