Now that we've introduced you to, it's time to see how it stacks up against other online news portals.  Here are some quick things that we found beneficial or frustrating about the website.


  • Something for everyone — With news on being sorted into plenty of different topic categories and sub-categories, you're bound to find some type of news that interests you.

  • Audio-visual aids — Many articles on have videos or photo albums as accompaniments, so you don't have to just read about what happened in the news… you can see it for yourself.

  • Join the grapevine — Most articles allow you to easily share them over email or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.  Some also have functions where you can post or reply to on-site comments.  Let the CNN community know what you think, or send a story to your friends to get their input!

  • News on demand — If you can watch CNN on TV, then you can watch it on through CNN Go!  View reruns of CNN programs — or even live broadcast feeds — whenever you want!


  • Limited search capabilities — The search functions on are pretty basic, with filters only based on the article's primary media type and when it was published.  You'll have to rely on different search terms if you want to find certain articles.

  • Restricted commenting function — Only certain articles allow commenting functions, mostly those being "Opinion" pieces.

  • Live video roadblocks — CNN Go is only available in North America, and is only available as a 10-minute free trial unless you subscribe to a television provider that includes CNN in its default channel package.

The bottom line:  8.5/10 is one of the better-designed news websites that we've seen.  Its variety of news categories means that it's easy to find news that you're interested in, and the audio-visual aids accompanying most articles let you experience a story in multiple ways without seeming too obtrusive.  The easily accessible sharing options are a plus, too.

The ability to watch (live) CNN programs through CNN Go is neat, too, but the fact that you have to be able to watch CNN on your TV in order to access CNN Go is disappointing.  We also noticed that the website's search capabilities have minimal options for fine-tuning, and that commenting functions are mostly reserved for editorial pieces.


Well, that's our verdict on!  If you'd like to just try out the website itself and make your own judgment, then let's start out with a lesson on how to use's basic functions!