How to Contact Skype Customer Service

If you’re having trouble learning how to do something or getting something to work on Skype, there is an extensive help section on that may be able to point you in the right direction. However, if you’re totally stuck and need some professional help to get some part(s) of Skype working again, this lesson will show you how to do that. Note that, unlike most other things that you can do with Skype, contacting their customer service department has to be done through their website, not the computer or mobile application.

To contact Skype customer service:

  1. Go to Skype’s support request page on their website. It can be a bit tricky to find, so here’s a shortcut to it.

  2. If you are not currently logged into Skype (either on the website or in the application) you will be asked to log into your Skype account.

  3. Once you’re logged into your Skype account, click the drop-down menu labelled “Choose a Help Topic” and select the general area of Skype that you are having a problem with. Then, click the drop-down menu labelled “Choose a Related Problem” and select the specific issue that you are having.

    How to indicate the issue that you are having with Skype

    Skype will suggest a number of help articles related to the issue that you’ve selected under “These Might Help.” Click on one to visit it. If, instead, none of Skype’s suggestions match the exact problem that you’re trying to solve, click Next.

  4. Depending on the options that you chose in step 4, you may be offered different ways to contact Skype. The most common one is Text Chat Support; click that to start a chat session with a Skype customer service representative.

    How to choose the way in which you wish to contact Skype

    If you don’t get this option, try clicking Back and repeating step 4 with different options.

  5. When you’re ready to chat with someone from Skype customer service, click Start Chat.

    How to start a text chat with a Skype customer service representative

A window should pop up that’s akin to common text messaging programs. Simply type in what you want to ask the customer service agent from Skype and press the “Enter”/”Return” key on your keyboard.  Continue this process until you’re able to satisfactorily resolve the problem that you’re having with Skype.

4 other ways to contact Skype

1. Browse the Skype help community to see if other users have encountered your issue.

You can visit Skype’s user help community at  This contains several forums filled with questions asked by Skype users and answered by Skype representatives or experts.  Have a look through here and see if another Skype user has experienced the same problem that you’re having with Skype; someone else may have already found a way to fix it.  If not, you can ask a question yourself and see if anyone knows an answer to it.

2. Send tweets to Skype on Twitter for short tech support questions and answers.

If you have a quick question for Skype that you think will take 140 characters or less to ask and answer, you can post it on their Twitter page at Since posting messages on Twitter is quick and easy — and since Skype will probably want to look responsive to customer needs in front of its social media followers — you should hopefully get a response in short order.

3. Send Skype a message on Facebook regarding your problem status.

If you want to send Skype a personal message or ask them a public question on Facebook, you can do so at Like Twitter, Facebook may be a good way to contact Skype if you want a timely (but more thorough) response to your question, as Skype will likely want to show its subscribers on Facebook that it is committed to customer service.

4. Visit Skype’s YouTube channel for video demonstrations on how to troubleshoot it.

Skype’s YouTube channel at is full of instructional videos on how to do different things on Skype.  Plus, if there’s something that you’re having trouble with on Skype, you can leave a comment on one of their videos and see if someone has an answer for you.


Those are some different ways to get in touch with Skype’s customer service branch if you’re having trouble using the program!  Next, we’ll have a quick primer on Skype’s premium services.