How to Create a WhatsApp Account

Once you've downloaded and installed WhatsApp (either from your phone's default application store or from the download page on the WhatsApp website), you only have one thing left to do before you can start using it: create your account!  This lesson will walk you through doing so, from verifying your phone number to setting up your user profile.

To create a WhatsApp account:

  1. Turn on your mobile phone and launch WhatsApp.

  2. Agree to WhatsApp's terms of service.

  3. Verify your phone number via text message.

  4. Pick a user name and (optionally) profile picture.

  5. Wait for WhatsApp to finish setting up your account, and then tap Continue.

Those are the basic steps that you need to take.  If they're a little too vague for you, we have a full description below, complete with screenshots to show you what to look for.

Detailed instructions for how to create a Whatsapp account

  1. Turn on your mobile phone, find the WhatsApp program, and tap it to launch it.

    Starting the WhatsApp app

  2. When WhatsApp first opens, you can tap Terms of Service to read the rules for what you can or can't do with WhatsApp (or what WhatsApp can or can't do when you use it).  Tap Agree and Continue when you're done.

    Accepting the WhatsApp terms and conditions

  3. Since WhatsApp works through phone numbers, it will send you a text message to help you verify your own phone number.  To receive it, tap the top highlighted box and select your country from the menu (this will set your country code).  Then, tap the box that says "Phone Number" and use your (virtual) phone keyboard to type in your phone number.  Then tap OK.  (Tap OK again in the window that pops up to confirm this.)

    Verifying your phone number in WhatsApp

  4. WhatsApp will now wait for your phone to receive a text message.  If you made a mistake and want to change the number that you're sending the text message to, tap the pencil icon beside your phone number to edit it (repeat step 3). 

    Receiving a verification text from WhatsApp

    Once you get a text message from WhatsApp, you will automatically move on to the next step.

  5. You will now have to begin setting up your profile information. 

    Creating your WhatsApp profile

    Tap the box that says "Type Your Name Here" (it may just say "My Info") and type in a user name for yourself on WhatsApp that is no longer than 25 characters.  Tap the smiley face beside this box if you wish to choose an emoticon to use as part of your user name (most emoticons count as 2 characters).

    You can also tap the blank profile picture in the top-left corner if you wish to add an optional profile picture for yourself.  You can add it from your phone's camera roll, or from other images stored on your phone.  (If your picture is sufficiently large, you will need to move and crop the frame to decide how much of your picture you want to use.)

    When you're ready to move on, tap Next.

  6. WhatsApp will do a few housekeeping things to get your account ready.  When it's done, tap Continue.

    Finish setting up WhatsApp

You should be taken to the main menu for WhatsApp.  Congratulations!  You've successfully set up your very own WhatsApp account!  Now, check out our next tutorial because it's time to learn how to start actually using the app!