How to Delete the Vine Camera App

Are you at the end of your rope when it comes to using Vine Camera?  If so, this lesson will show you how to cut your ties with the program for sharing short, looping videos. Because you no longer need to create an account to use Vine Camera and shoot video, deleting Vine Camera is as simple as deleting the app itself.

We're going to show you how on an Adroid device, but the process is essentially the same on Apple iOS devices.

To delete a Vine account:

  1. Tap Apps on your mobile device.

    Apps icon

  2. Find the Vine Camera icon on your home screen.

    Vine Camera icon

  3. Tap and hold the icon, and drag it up to the Uninstall icon at the top of the screen.

    Uninstall app icon

  4. When the trash can begins shaking and highlights in red, let go.

    Uninstall Vine Camera app

  5. Tap OK to confirm you want to delete the app.

    Confirm deleting the Vine Camera app


That's how to delete your Vine account if you're tired of being caught in its time loops!