How to Delete WhatsApp Messages

Need to clear out the clutter in your WhatsApp message history?  If you need some extra space with which to organize your chats, you can delete individual messages, whole chats or group chats, or even your entire message history!

Remember that deleted messages will only be gone from your phone.  They will still be on the phones of the people who sent or received them, so think carefully before you send!

If you want to save your messages before you clear them off your phone, check out our How to Back Up WhatsApp Messages tutorial.

To delete WhatsApp messages:

If you enter a WhatsApp chat, you can select and delete individual messages within that chat, or delete all messages within that chat at once.  In addition, if you visit your "Chat History" menu, you can delete all messages in all of your active chats, or delete all of your active chats outright (messages included).

Want to see how that's all done in practice?  Of course you do!  Below are screenshot-guided instructions for how to delete messages.

Detailed instructions on how to delete messages from WhatsApp

  1. Turn on your mobile phone and tap WhatsApp to open it.

How to delete individual messages

  1. Tap the Chats category, and tap the conversation that you wish to delete messages from.

    Selecting a WhatsApp chat

  2. Press and hold on the message(s) that you wish to delete.  They will be highlighted with a blue hue when they are selected.  Then, tap the trash can icon.

    Select and delete WhatsApp messages

  3. You can also delete all messages within a particular conversation — without deleting the conversation itself — by tapping the "More Options" menu (the three white dots) in the top-right corner, and then tapping More in the menu that pops up.

    Access extra WhatsApp chat options

  4. A new menu should pop up, where you should tap Clear Chat.

    Clear a WhatsApp chat of messages

How to delete chats or group chats

  1. From the main WhatsApp menu, tap the Chats category, and then press and hold on the conversation that you wish to delete.  Then tap Delete Chat in the menu that pops up.

    Deleting a WhatsApp chat

    (NOTE: You cannot delete a group chat unless you have already left that group.)

How to delete your entire message history

  1. From the main WhatsApp menu, tap the "More Options" menu (the three white dots) and tap Settings in the menu that appears.

    Accessing your WhatsApp settings

  2. In your "Settings" menu, tap Chats and Calls.

    WhatsApp chat and call options

  3. Under "Chat Settings", tap Chat History.

    Managing your WhatsApp chat history

  4. Here, you will have two options for getting rid of your entire message history.

    Clear or delete all WhatsApp chats

    If you tap Clear All Chats, WhatsApp will delete all messages within all of your active conversations, but will leave those conversations active. 

    If you tap Delete All Chats instead, WhatsApp will delete all of your active conversations and all messages within them.  (Note that, again, this will not delete group chats unless you are no longer a part of the group.)

That's a quick primer on how to delete messages that you no longer need!