How to Download + Install Pokémon Go

Now that we're done with the introductory tutorials for Pokémon Go, let's get ready to start playing the game!  The first step is to download and install the game on your mobile device.  Preferably, you are using an iPhone or phone that uses the Google Android operating system, as Pokémon Go is optimized to be used by those devices.

To download and install Pokémon Go, turn on your device and open its app store.  From there, search for "pokemon go" and select the app named "Pokémon Go" developed by Niantic Inc.  Tap "Install", and then tap "Accept" to give the app permissions on your device.  When the app finishes downloading, tap "Open" to run it.

More detailed directions for getting Pokémon Go up and running on your device are written below.

(NOTE: The instructions below are based on a phone using the Google Android operating system, but we'll note where the process may differ on iPhones or iPads).

Instructions for downloading and installing Pokémon Go

  1. Turn on your device and look for the Play Store in your app manager (it will be called App Store on iPhones).  Tap it to open it.

  2. Tap the search box at the top of the screen (top-right on iPhones) and type in "pokemon go".  When the drop-down menu of suggestions appears, tap "pokemon go" in the list.

  3. On your search results screen, look for the app named Pokémon Go with "Niantic Inc." as the developer.  Tap this app to select it.

  4. Once you have found the Pokémon Go app, tap Install (or, on iPhones, Get and then Install) to begin the installation process.

    (NOTE: You may be asked to log into your Google account or Apple account before continuing, in order to add a payment method.  You can usually just skip this, as you won't need to pay to download and install Pokémon Go.  Pokémon Go has in-app purchases; however, they aren't necessary to enjoy the game.  See our Pokémon Go Prices article for more details.)

  5. You will see a list of functions on your phone that Pokémon Go may need access to in order to function.  Tap Accept to give Pokémon Go permission to use these functions.

  6. Pokémon Go will begin downloading and installing on your device.  When it finishes, tap Open to launch it.


If you were able to follow these instructions, congratulations!  You have successfully downloaded and installed Pokémon Go on your mobile device.  Our next tutorial will show you how to sign up for a Pokémon Go account.