How to Download and Install Skype

Skype is different from most of the products that we feature on Techboomers, in that it’s not a service that you use right on the website.  Instead, you use the service by downloading and installing a program on your computer.


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To download Skype

  1. Go to in your web browser and click either Download Skype or Get Skype.

  2. Click the device that you want to download Skype for; we’ll assume it’s a Computer, which should already be selected. If this is the case, simply click Get Skype for Windows Desktop.

  3. Skype’s website should automatically prompt you to download a setup package for the Skype program. Click Save File, use the file explorer to select a place to save the setup package, and then click Save.

To install Skype

  1. Find the setup package that you just downloaded, and open it by double-clicking the left mouse button on it.

  2. Click the drop-down menu to select the language that you want Skype installed in; the installer will use this language, too. (It will probably say English to start; if that’s what you want, just leave it.)

    If you don’t want Skype to launch as soon as you start your computer, you can click the check box here to unmark it.

    When you’re ready to move on, click I Agree – Next.

  3. The next window will ask if you want to install a feature called “Click to Call”. Basically, it allows you to call a phone number from Skype while you’re browsing the Internet by clicking a phone number that has Skype’s logo beside it. If you don’t want this feature installed, click the check box here to unmark it.

    (Hint: We recommend that you do not install this feature, as it has been known to not always work correctly and/or slow down the loading of web pages.)

    When you’re ready to move on, click Continue.

  4. Lastly, Skype will ask if you want to make MSN (The Microsoft Network) the home page of your Internet browsers. If you like your home page the way that it is, click the check box here to unmark it.

    Hint: We recommend that you use a search engine as your web browser’s home page, such as Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing, or DuckDuckGo. This way, you can find where you need to go on the Internet quickly. Of course, we’d love it if you made Techboomers your home page!)

    When you’re ready to move on, click Continue.


When Skype is finished installing, it should start automatically. Congratulations! You’re all set to use Skype!