How to Download SoundCloud Songs

Can I download music from SoundCloud?

Well… sort of. You can always download copies of tracks that you yourself have put on SoundCloud. Some SoundCloud users with paid accounts will also offer their tracks for download on SoundCloud by other users; this is always free of charge. Still other SoundCloud users will include links on their tracks that allow you to download their music from a third-party website; whether it’s free or requires you to pay for it depends on the user and the websites that their links lead you to.


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Unfortunately, there is no way to search SoundCloud for songs that can be downloaded — either right from SoundCloud or from a third-party website — so you are going to have to find them on your own. But downloading songs when you are connected to Wi-Fi is generally a good idea. It will allow you to listen when you aren’t on a Wi-Fi network, therefore saving significant data usage by SoundCloud.

Downloading music from SoundCloud

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Either browse for tracks from genres that you like or search for particular tracks, until you find one with a button that says Download AND has a little arrow beside it (like the one shown in the screenshot below). Click it to start the download process.

    SoundCloud song download button

  3. Next, a save prompt should appear. Click the button beside “Save File”, and then click OK.

    SoundCloud music download save prompt

  4. Now, an explorer window should pop up that will let you choose where to save the song. Navigate to where you want to save the song, and then click Save.

    Choose where to download SoundCloud music to

    (NOTE: If this window doesn’t appear, check your computer’s “Downloads” folder instead.)

  5.  Now, navigate from your computer’s desktop to the location that you saved your track in, and double-click on it to listen to it.

    Find and play your downloaded SoundCloud music

  6. You may also come across tracks that have buttons that say “Download” (WITHOUT the little arrow) or “Buy on iTunes” or something like that. If you click on one of these buttons, it will (most often) take you to a website where you can download or purchase the track (and others like it).

    Alternate links to download SoundCloud music

    Each website is different, so you will have to follow the instructions and/or look for a money amount or a button that says “Purchase” or “Download” and click it.

Anyway, that’s a bit of information about downloading music from SoundCloud!