Dropbox Referrals

What is the Dropbox referral program?

“Referrals” are when you send invitations to other people to get them to start using Dropbox.  This usually involves sharing a link to sign up for Dropbox with a friend through an email, or on social media.  To complete the referral process, the friend has to click the link, then create an account on Dropbox, download and install the Dropbox program for their Windows or Apple desktop computer (the mobile device version of the program doesn’t count), and then sign into the program with the account that they created.

Why should I refer people to Dropbox?

Well, for one thing, it will allow them to join you in using all of the handy features of Dropbox.  In case you need a refresher, that includes storing their computer files for safe keeping, accessing those files from the Dropbox website or on any computer or mobile device that they install the Dropbox program on, and easily sharing their files and folders with you or any other of their friends who use Dropbox.

If that’s not reason enough, though, we have one more for you.  Check out these four words: FREE MEMORY CAPACITY UPGRADE.  That’s right, for each friend you successfully refer to Dropbox, the memory storage capacity of your Dropbox account increases, so you can use it to store more and/or larger files.

If you have a Dropbox Basic account, each referral gets you an extra 500 megabytes (that’s half a gigabyte) of memory storage space, while a referral from a Dropbox Pro account will get you a full extra gigabyte of memory storage space.  This bonus applies to the first 32 people whom you refer to Dropbox, so Dropbox Basic users can earn a total of 16 extra gigabytes of memory storage space, while Dropbox Pro users can earn a total of 32 extra gigabytes.  This is in addition to any other free memory storage space that you may have earned through methods outlined in the Get More Space on a Dropbox Basic Account help page on Dropbox’s website.

Oh, and we should mention one more thing.  If one of your friends successfully completes the Dropbox referral process, it counts as if they had referred someone to Dropbox themselves, so they get the memory storage capacity bonus, too!  This is, of course, based on which pricing plan they picked: an extra 500 megabytes for a Dropbox Basic account, or a full extra gigabyte for a Dropbox Pro account.

How to refer people to Dropbox

  1. Go to www.dropbox.com in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click your name in the top-right corner, and select Settings.

  3. Click the Account tab, and then click Invite Your Friends.

  4. Here, you will have a choice of how you want to refer your friends to Dropbox.


    If you signed up for Dropbox with an email address from Gmail or Yahoo Mail, you can click the button on the left to connect your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account to your Dropbox account, and then just easily check off which of your contacts you want to send referrals to.

    You can also click in the box on the right labelled “Add Names or Emails” and type in the email addresses that you want to send referrals to, separating each by a space.  Then click Send.

    You can also just click Copy Link and copy a referral link directly.  We’ll cover how to use this in the next step.

  5. If you copied the referral link in the previous step, you can sign into a social media website or other messaging service, and share the referral link by right-clicking inside a box where you can type in a message, and then left-clicking Paste.

  6. If you want to check how far along the people whom you’ve referred to Dropbox are in getting set up to use Dropbox, go back to the Account tab on your Settings page.  Once you’re there, under “Earn More Space”, click View All Earned Space.  (Once you click it, it will change to say Hide Earned Space.)

    Here, you will see Referral next to any person whom you’ve referred to Dropbox, along with their name or email address, how long it’s been since they took a step towards setting up Dropbox, and what point they’re at in the process of setting up Dropbox (if they have completed the setup process, this last part will be replaced by the amount of memory storage space that you’ve earned).

That’s a brief overview of how Dropbox’s referral system works!