DuckDuckGo Video Search

If a web page or even a picture won't do your search terms justice, then it's time to look for videos on DuckDuckGo.  Like searching for images on DuckDuckGo, the video search function sacrifices the ability to fine-tune your results (which some of the more common search engines have) for simplicity and ease-of-use.  Hopefully, though, you'll still find something worth watching!

How to search for videos on DuckDuckGo

  1. Go to in your web browser.

  2. Click in the search box and begin typing in your search terms.  As you do so, DuckDuckGo will suggest some words or phrases that are commonly searched for.  You can click a suggestion to search for those terms, or click the magnifying glass (or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard) to search for exactly what you typed in.  Or, click the "X" to clear your search terms and start over.

    The DuckDuckGo search box

  3. Once you get to the results screen, click Videos in the menu across the top.

    Selecting to search for videos on DuckDuckGo

  4. To view video results in the same manner as image results, click the 9-dot cube in the top-right corner.

    Switching the search results view for DuckDuckGo videos

  5. Now, click on a video to select it.

    Selecting a DuckDuckGo video search result

  6. Like when you select an image while doing an image search, new options will open up when you select a video.

    DuckDuckGo video search result options

    Click on the result's title to go to the web page that the video is on, or click More from [Website] to conduct a search on that website using your current search terms. 

    On the video's preview, you can click Watch on DuckDuckGo to play the video while still on DuckDuckGo's results page, or click Watch on [Website] to go to the website that the video is on, and play it from there. 

    You can also click the check box here to mark it or unmark it; if it's marked, DuckDuckGo will always do the action you choose whenever you select a video in DuckDuckGo's search results in the future.  (You can change this behaviour in DuckDuckGo's settings; see our DuckDuckGo Settings tutorial to learn how.)

    Finally, you can click the arrows in the bottom-right corner to select the previous or next video in the sequence, or click the "X" in the top-right corner to deselect the current video.


That's how to search for videos on DuckDuckGo!  Happy viewing!