eHarmony Matching

If you’ve already made an account, then you already know what goes into the matching process for eHarmony. They use many questions to find with whom you are compatible. It looks at many factors, beyond likes and dislikes and into what truly makes a couple compatible. These factors include how you two solve conflicts, or whether you want the same things in life.  All of these help determine who would be a good match for you. It’s about having the same values as you.


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Where can you see your Matches?

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ve been matched with people in your area. You’ll notice at the top that you have some notifications under Matches. Select it to see who has matched with you.

Here you’ll be able to see who your most compatible matches are. You’ll be able to see their name, age, where they live, and their profile picture. However, if you do not have a subscription, you will not be able to see their profile picture.

If you move your mouse cursor over the person’s profile picture, it will flip over to show their age and location. From there you can click Hide to ignore a user you don’t care to speak to, or click Send Him/Her a Message to send an email through eHarmony to a user you want to know more about.

Any matches that you’ve clicked Hide for will show up in Hidden Matches, so click here if you change your mind about someone later.

If you click What If, you’ll be able to look at matches who may not be as compatible with you, but whom you still might be interested in. To be able to use this feature, you need to have upgraded your account to (at least) the basic plan.

By clicking Communicating With, you’ll be able to see who is trying to communicate with you, and with whom you’ve already communicated.  Click My Turn to see people who are waiting for a response from you, and click Their Turn to see whom you are waiting for a response from.  You can also click eH Mail to see emails that you’ve sent or received through eHarmony’s internal email system.

And that’s a quick overview of how matches work on eHarmony!