How to Complete the eHarmony Questionnaire

In order to start using eHarmony, you’ll have to put in a little time and effort to answer the mandatory profile questionnaire. This is going to help dictate your matches based on your personality and compatibility with other people, so be as honest as possible.


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These questions will be easy to answer, if a little time consuming. There are seven dots, each end is the complete opposite answer to the question and the middle dot is the neutral answer. Click whichever dot best describes you. For example, the first question is “How well does warm generally describe you?” One end is “not at all,” the other end is “very well” and the middle is “somewhat.” Click whichever dot you think best represents you on this scale.

eHarmony question example

If you clicked too fast and wish to go back to fix an answer, click the Oops! button in the bottom left.

Correct eHarmony questionnaire answer

You’ll continue this way for about 75% of the sections. You’ll go through how you describe yourself, how you view life, your feelings and your interests. Just read each question carefully and click on the dot that best represents your answer. Once you’re done each section, click Let’s Go to go to the next section. When you’re three quarters finished it will say Build Your Profile because it will consist of different types of questions.

Too much for you? You can always exit at any time and come back later – eHarmony saves your progress for you.

Save progress on eHarmony Questionnaire

For the last 25% you’ll deal with yourself and building your profile. Your highest level of education, three things you’re thankful for and you’ll even write a short description about a few things you’re passionate about. You’ll see in the bottom right your character count. It starts off red and turns green once you’ve written enough that you can move forward.

Answers are limited by character count

When you’re done, you’ll repeat the same multiple-choice answers as above but it will pertain to what you’re looking for in your matches. Do you want someone who has kids? Someone who drinks daily or weekly? Who is very religious? This is where you’ll give your preferences. Click Let’s do this to begin the last section of the questionnaire!

Final stages of eHarmony Questionnaire

When you’re done, you’ll be asked to submit your telephone number just in case you need assistance with your account, however it is not necessary; if you want to leave it blank, just click This Looks Good without giving your number. By selecting this, you’ll be agreeing to eHarmony’s terms and service.

Submit phone number to eHarmony


Congrats on making it through the tough part! Now you just need to set up your eHarmony profile, and then you’ll be able to check out your matches! If you want to get the full experience using the eHarmony website, you’ll need a paid subscription. Check out our article about the cost of eHarmony to learn about the potential costs of using the site.