How to Sign Up for eHarmony

Creating an account on eHarmony is as easy as pie. It’s what comes after that can be time consuming and daunting.


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First, go to and enter your first name, [gender] seeking [ gender], your zip (or postal) code, and your country by clicking on the respective boxes and typing in or selecting the appropriate information. When you’re done, select Let’s Go to go to the next section.

The second section for signing up includes entering your email, a password you’d like to use, and where you heard about eHarmony.  Again, click in each of the respective boxes and type in or select the appropriate information.  When you’re done, select Find My Matches.

Here you’ll have a set of basic questions to fill out. Gender? Marital status? Kids? Click on your response, or click a text box and type in your information, for each question.  Be as honest as possible – this way, you can get the best matches possible.

The easy part is done! Click Let’s Go to start the questionnaire.  Check out our eHarmony Questionnaire tutorial for more info on what you should expect to be on it.