NBA Section Tour

In our last tutorial, we gave you a general tour of  Now, let's have a closer look at a section for a particular sports league.  In this example, we're going to focus on the section of dedicated to the NBA (National Basketball Association).  Note that most other league pages will be relatively similar.

To get to's NBA section, go to in your web browser and click NBA in the main header menu.

Access the NBA section NBA main page

As you can see, the page for a specific league on is not very different from's main page.  Featured content is on the left, and most recent content is on the right.  One thing that is a bit different, though, is that there is now a league-specific sub-header of options below the main header menu.  We'll go over some of the main options below. NBA section with sub-options


Here, you can see outcomes of NBA matchups.  Click the arrows, dates, or the calendar icon in the top left to navigate to results for a specific day.  If a game is already over, you can get a Recap or view the Box Score.  If the game hasn't started yet, you can buy tickets for it, join a Conversation about it, or go to the PickCenter to predict which team will win (see our Fantasy Sports tutorial). NBA scores


This will show you a list of teams in the NBA, grouped by divisions.  Click on a team's name to access its respective page on, which includes news about the team, individual player statistics, the team's schedule, recent scores, and more. NBA team directory


This will show you upcoming matchups on a league-wide basis.  You can click the arrows, dates, and calendar icon in the top left to navigate to a certain day.  Or, you can use the Team Schedules drop-down menu in the top right to view the schedule for a particular team.  You may also be able to buy tickets for a game. NBA schedule


This page shows you the players in the league who are leading in terms of common play statistics.  You can use the drop-down menu at the top to select to see statistics leaders from a different season.  Also, if you scroll further down, you can click on a specific type of statistic under either "Player Statistics" or "Team Statistics" to see how each player or team stacks up for that statistic. NBA statistics and leaders


Here, you can see how each team in the league ranks.  You can use the topmost options to view standard standings, team performance in specific types of games (e.g. decided by a certain number of points, or against teams with winning or losing records), or team performance against other teams in the same division.

Below these options, you can sort the rankings by the entire league, by conference, or by division.  You can also use the two drop-down menus to select which season you want to see standings for, as well as whether you want to see rankings for the preseason or regular season.

Finally, in the actual standings table, you can click any statistic header that is underlined to sort teams according to that particular statistic. NBA standings


Those are some of the common sections that you will see among league or sport pages on!