Evernote Review

Now that you know a little bit about what Evernote is and how you can stay safe while using Evernote, it’s time to learn about Evernote's positives and negatives before deciding if you want to start using it. In this article, we’ll break down the pros and cons of Evernote to help you decide if it's going to be the note-taking and organizational system that will change your life.


  • Cross-platform capabilities – Evernote allows you to sign in with a web browser, your Android device, or your iPhone/iPod/iPad. This allows you to access Evernote wherever you are and whenever you want. To learn more about this, see our tutorials on how to use Evernote for the web, for Android, and for iOS.
  • The free version is extensive – Though Evernote offers a premium version, the basic version is actually quite extensive.  It offers you many features you need to keep your notes in one place and get more organized. Though there are a few useful features available by upgrading to Evernote Premium, most of what you would want Evernote for is available to you 100% free.
  • An organized mind is a stress-free mind – If you begin putting your life and tasks into Evernote, you can get organized so quickly. Keep yourself scheduled, and keep track of your progress on assignments and tasks. Using Evernote can help make your life stress-free!


  • Free to use, but not always easy – Evernote has so many great features and components that can really help you organize your life.  However, it is not the easiest application to learn how to use, and a lot of its functions are not always intuitive or easy to understand. The more you use it, the better you will get with it, but make sure to check out our tutorials on how to use Evernote to help you get a better grasp of it faster.
  • Potential safety risks – Using Evernote to write down everything that comes to mind can be so useful, but it also poses a threat to your privacy. If you use Evernote to write down personal information, or don’t properly protect your Evernote account, it can lead to others gaining access to private content about you. Be sure to read our article on Evernote safety to learn how to protect your privacy when using Evernote.
  • To optimize Evernote, you need to connect – To get the most out of Evernote, you need to install a few add-ons, and connect it to your other profiles and services. One of the most useful accounts to connect it to is your Google account, so you can send notes to your contacts. You can also connect Evernote to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – all websites that help you if you use Evernote for scheduling your life. To make Evernote the best it can be, you really need to connect it to other services, rather than just using the base program on its own.

The Bottom Line: 8/10

Evernote is a fantastic organizational and note-taking service, and can really help those of us who need a little more structure in our lives for our daily thoughts and tasks. It is exceptional because of its cross-platform capability; it works well across all of your devices, so you can take Evernote with you wherever you go! The basic version is also free to use, so it’s easy to get yourself on track – all you have to do is start using Evernote!

There are some drawbacks to using Evernote, however. A particular one is that Evernote can be quite complicated to understand sometimes. Its many capabilities are useful, but difficult to intuitively operate. But don’t dismay! Evernote becomes easier to use the more you use it, and your friends here at TechBoomers have step-by-step tutorials to get you started with Evernote!


To get started learning Evernote, check out our tutorials on how to use Evernote for the web, Android devices, and iOS devices (in our next 3 tutorials).