How to Book Hotels on Expedia

Last updated: February 18, 2017 - 12:26pm EST

Need a home away from home on your next trip? Expedia allows you to:

  • Pick a hotel near where you want to stay, be that a city, an airport, or a famous landmark.

  • Pick what kind of lodgings you want, from a standard hotel to a bed & breakfast to even a private rental property.

  • Pick what amenities you want at your hotel, including complimentary breakfast, free wi-fi, an exercise room, a swimming pool, and more.

  • Sort what hotels you see based on their star ratings, guest ratings, prices, distances from where you want to go, and more.

How to Book a Hotel Room with Expedia

  1. Go to and click Hotels in the menu across the top.

    Expedia Hotels menu

  2. You'll use the window on the left side of the screen to set things up.  Click the  buttons in the screenshot below for an explanation of what you need to do at each spot.>


    Additional Services

    Click the button beside the respective option if you want to book just a hotel, or want to book additional services. (We’ll assume you just want to book a hotel for the purposes of this tutorial).


    Find Hotels Near

    Click here and start typing in a location. As you type, Expedia will suggest areas that you might be looking for (such as a city district or a location near an airport). Click one to select it.



    Click here to select from a calendar pop-up the date you want to check into the hotel.



    Click here to select from a calendar pop-up the date you want to check out of the hotel.



    Click the drop-down menu and select how many rooms you want. Note that all rooms booked for an individual purchase must be the same. Therefore, if you want to book rooms at different hotels, you’ll have to make separate purchases.


    Guests by Room

    Click the drop-down menus here for each room to select how many guests of each age range will be staying in that room.



    When you’ve entered all of your information, click here to start your search.

  3. Once you reach the results page, you can click on the headings across the top to sort your results by:

    - Distance from your targeted area
    - Price
    - Hotel name (alphabetical order)
    - Guest ratings
    - Star ratings
    - Best deals
    - Most popular

    You can also click the buttons and check boxes along the left side to filter your results by:

    - Star rating
    - Price
    - Type of hotel (hotel, bed & breakfast, guest house, private home, etc.)
    - Services within the hotel (free wi-fi, swimming pool, complimentary breakfast, etc.)

    Or you can click the highlighted box that says "Hotel Name" and type in a specific hotel that you're looking for, then click Go to search for it.

    Once you find a hotel that you like, click on its name.

    Expedia Hotel search

  4. Scroll down to the "Book Your Room" window on the next page to see what rooms are available. Click Book next to the room you want to begin the booking process.

    Expedia Book a room button

  5. There are three main things that you need to do on the next screen. The first is to enter your contact details in case Expedia or the hotel itself needs to get in touch with you.Click the box labelled "Contact Name" and type in your first and last name.In the box labelled "Phone Number," click the flag to select your country from the drop-down menu (so Expedia or the hotel knows what country code to apply when they call you). Then click in the box beside the flag and type in your phone number.

    Enter contact details form

  6. The next thing you need to do is enter your billing information. (For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll assume that you'll be paying with a credit card).  Click the buttons in the screenshot below for explanations of what information goes where.


    Credit Card Number

    Click this box and type in your credit card number as it appears on the front of your credit card, with no spaces.


    Credit Card Type

    Click the drop-down menu here to select the brand of credit card that you are using.


    Expiration Date

    Click each of the drop-down menus here to select the month and year that your credit card expires.


    Card Identification Number

    Click this box and type in your credit card’s security code (usually 3 or 4 digits). Click the button next to the box if you need help finding this number on your credit card.


    Cardholder Name

    Click this box and type in your name exactly as it appears on your credit card.


    Billing Postal/ZIP Code

    Click this box and type in your mailing code.

  7. The final thing to do is tell Expedia where you want the booking confirmation sent. Click in the box labelled "Email Address" and type in the email address that you want your booking confirmation sent . You can also click the check box here if you don't want Expedia sending you additional offers.

    Enter email address to receive a confirmation from Expedia

  8. One last bit of business: click the check box in the screen below to say that you accept all of the legal stuff that applies to what you're doing.  (NOTE: you may want to click on the links here and save or print what you find, in case you want to read and study it first or at some other point).

    Now click Complete Booking to receive your confirmation email.

    Expedia Complete Booking button

Congratulations on booking a hotel with Expedia, and sweet dreams!


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