Facebook Comments, Likes, and Re-Sharing

What would be the point of sharing things on Facebook without hearing what your friends have to say about them? Facebook allows you to keep the conversation going by giving you the options to Like, Comment, and Share

Facebook Comments

If you see a status update that a friend posted, ‘liked’, or commented on, or a status update from a page that you ‘like’, you can usually leave a comment on that post to say what you think about it. Under each status update, there is usually an empty comment box that, if you click inside it, allows you to type in your response. When you want to send your post, press “Enter” on your keyboard.  The original poster’s friends, as well as your own friends, will be able to see your comments. 

If a friend comments on your status update, or comments on a post after you have done so, you’ll be notified in the top-right-hand menu by your notifications button () lighting up.

Click the button to see a list of all of your Notifications

Facebook Likes

If you appreciate or agree with something that someone has posted, you have the ability to “like” his or her post.  Above the comment box on most status updates is the Like button. Click it to show others that you’ve liked their post.  The Like button also appears next to most comments that people leave on status updates, and you can “like” comments in the same way.  Your friends and their friends can “like” status updates and comments that you make, too.

Your friends’ status updates, videos, and photos aren’t the only things that you can “like”. If you’re a fan of a particular celebrity, movie, book, etc. you can search for that by clicking inside the main search box and typing it in.  Clicking it will take you to its unique Facebook page.

If you click Like here, you will get that page’s status updates in your News Feed so you can keep up to date with all your favourite celebrities, authors, musicians, and so on. 

(Re)sharing on Facebook

If one of your friends shares a status update, video, photo, or link that you want your other friends (or everyone else) to see, you can click Share

Once you click Share, you can choose how you want to share the item at the top of the new pop-up window: On your own timeline, on a friend’s timeline, in a group, or in a private message.  Feel free to add your own comments by clicking and then typing in the text box underneath, clicking in the Audience Selector to determine who gets to see what you’re sharing, and then clicking Share Link.

Shared links will be posted to your Timeline and your News Feed, unless you chose to share them in a private message.  For more about private meassages on Facebook, visit our Facebook Messages tutorial.