Pros and Cons of Facebook

Like with anything else, there are pros and cons to Facebook.  Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages there are to having a Facebook account.


  • It’s easy to set up and navigate. The website is clean and clutter-free. Most importantly, it doesn't cost any money – all you need is an Internet connection to set up an account.

  • Facebook allows you to connect with people who are physically distant for free.  It doesn't matter whether your friends and family are on the other side of the city or the other side of the world.  As long as you have Facebook, there's no need to worry about long-distance phone charges or having a letter get lost in the mail!

  • If you have news to share, you can share it with everyone all in one post!

  • You can also choose with whom you want to share your information.  If you don't want to share something on Facebook for anyone to simply stumble upon, you can set it up so that only your friends can see it.  Facebook also has a private message function if you want to chat with a friend one-on-one.

  • Connect with new people. Join groups and connect with others around the world who share similar interests.

  • Connect with long-lost friends by using a simple search.  Facebook can also find them for you based on places that you've lived, worked, or gone to school, or by friends that you have in common.

  • Games. Facebook is all about connecting and having fun, and what’s more fun than playing a game with your friends? 


  • Privacy can be tricky. By default, Facebook makes your information visible to any user who stumbles upon it.  Fortunately, it's fairly easy to tell Facebook to only show your information to friends, or to friends of friends.  We'll teach you how privacy works on Facebook and show you how to set up your account so that it won't be such a hassle.

  • Facebook is where a lot of information is shared, even the tiniest moments, and that can sometimes be annoying. We’ll show you how to set it up so you can choose whose posts you’d like to see. 

  • Everyone wants to be your “friend,” including the old high school bully. Luckily, you don’t have to add everyone who requests to be your friend. 

The Bottom Line: 9/10

While there are some disadvantages to using Facebook, it’s never something that can’t be handled. The pros to using this social networking website far outweigh the cons.