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What is Tagging on Facebook?

Facebook tagging allows someone to link a friend or other page to a piece of information posted on Facebook by including that person or thing's name in a photo, status update, or comment. If someone tags you, you will receive a General Notification. Facebook tagging on a photo usually means that the tagged person is in the photo. The tagged post will appear on your News Feed, your Timeline, and your friend’s News Feeds. 

How to Tag on Facebook

  1. If you want to tag someone in a Facebook status update, click the head symbol at the bottom menu of the Publisher. 

  2. Type in your friend’s name and select them to be included in your status. You can do this for multiple friends if you’d like. 

  3. Complete the rest of your Status Update and click Post

Tagging Someone In a Photo

If you want to tag someone into a photo, upload the photo to the Publisher and move your mouse cursor over the picture. Click Tag that appears over the photo and type in your friend’s name. 

For more on uploading photos to Facebook, check out our Facebook Photos tutorial.

Tagging Settings

If you want to manage who can tag you in posts, click the Privacy Shortcuts menu (represented by the lock icon) in the upper-right corner. Select See More Settings

From here, select Timeline and Tagging from the left side menu. Here, you have the option to turn on the ability to review posts that you are tagged in before they are posted to your Timeline and News Feed, among other things. 

Below is an image of the Timeline and Tagging Settings page. Click on any of the yellow circles () below to learn more about that setting:


Who can see posts on your Timeline

Select who gets to see posts on your Timeline. Choose from Friends or Only Me. We recommend setting this to Friends.


Review posts friends tag you in

Turning this feature on allows you to review posts that your friends tag you in before those posts appear on your Timeline and News Feed. This is useful if someone tries to tag you with some potentially embarrassing information, or if they tag you in a photo in which you do not appear.

Though you can stop people from tagging you in a post, and prevent that post from appearing on your timeline, the post will still appear in other places around Facebook, like your News Feed (assuming that the person who tagged you is your friend). We recommend you turn this setting On.


Review what other people see

Clicking this will bring you to your Timeline. You’ll be able to see how other people view your Timeline. You can choose either Public or to view your Timeline as a specific person by typing their name into the search box.


Who can see posts you’re tagged in

Select who gets to see posts you’ve been tagged in on your Timeline. Choose between Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends, Only Me or Custom. We recommend changing this setting to Friends


Who can see what others post on your Timeline

As with above, you get to select who sees what others post to your Timeline. Choose between Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends, Only Me or Custom. We recommend changing this setting to Friends.


Review tags people add

If a friend tags someone or something in your content, you’ll be able to review it and decide whether or not you want to allow that tag before it gets posted to Facebook by enabling this feature. This includes when people tag themselves or tag others. When they do this, the person tagged and their friends will be able to see the post.

We recommend you Enable this setting, so that you can keep your friends from seeing or being linked with information that they wouldn't want to see if you need to.


When you’re tagged in a post

This allows you to decide who gets to see posts that you are tagged in; think of this like the Audience Selector of tagged posts. Choose between Friends, Only Me, and Custom.

Removing Tags

In order to remove posts or photos that you’re tagged in, click the arrow icon next to the Privacy Shortcuts menu, and then click Activity Log

On the left hand menu, select which option you’re looking for – whether it’s Posts You’re Tagged In or Photos of You – and find the post or photo you’d no longer like to be tagged in.

Click the Edit menu (represented by the pencil icon), and select Report/Remove Tag to remove it. 

And that's a brief introduction to tags on Facebook!


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