How to Find Jobs on LinkedIn

Whether you’re looking for that first full-time job, a career change or reboot, or just something that can earn you money in your spare time, you can find it on LinkedIn. You can even apply for the job right from LinkedIn, plus, your profile acts as your resume, so the paperwork’s taken care of for you!


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To get a job on LinkedIn

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click Jobs in the menu across the top.

    LinkedIn jobs menu

  3. Here is the LinkedIn jobs portal, where you can search for jobs.

    LinkedIn job navigator homepage

    This screen will help you browse for job, and will be more and more useful to you as you continue to use LinkedIn to search for jobs. Click on the name of any job you see, or search for jobs at the top of the screen and click a suggestion to view details about the job. Remember that any job you see on this main job page is most likely sponsored (meaning the company is paying LinkedIn to advertise it).

    When you find a job that you like, click on it.

  4. Once on the job listing page, you can do things like view the job details, email the person who posted the job (you may need to be part of LinkedIn Premium to do so), follow the company on LinkedIn, or view similar jobs. If you want to apply for this job right away, click Apply Now or Apply on Company Website

    Save a job or apply to it from LinkedIn

    You can also click Save if you’re interested in this job, but don’t want to apply for it right now. It will show up on your Jobs page under “Saved Jobs” at the top of the page.

  5. Your entire profile on LinkedIn will be sent to the job poster as your application. Depending on the posting, you may be taken to another page on the company’s website with more details about the job. Read through these, and click a button on the bottom of the page. It will probably say something like “Apply,” “Apply For This Job,” or “Click Here to Apply.”

    Apply for job on company page

    From there, you will need to follow the application process specific to the company, as you would if you were applying without LinkedIn. Chances are, the employer will look at your LinkedIn profile if they are considering you, so make sure it’s up to standard!

  6. From the main LinkedIn page, you can use the “LinkedIn Salary” tool. This is a great resource to track salary expectations, so you can figure out the base average salary of people in your area. This will help you know what to expect in terms of salary if you are applying for jobs! To access it, simply click LinkedIn Salary at the top of the main jobs page.

    LinkedIn salary menu

All that’s left to do from here watch your LinkedIn message box for a reply from the company! If they do reply, see our LinkedIn Messages tutorial to learn how to send them a message back! You may just be the person they’re looking for!

That’s how to find and apply for jobs on LinkedIn! Good luck!