Flickr Albums and Collections

With Flickr, you can create albums in order to put together photos that revolve around a certain theme or event, such as a family vacation or wedding.  You can also create collections to put your albums in a sort of themed timeline, so one flows into the next like a story.

To create an album on Flickr

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Move your mouse cursor over You in the top-left corner, and then click Camera Roll in the drop-down menu that appears.

    The Flickr Camera Roll

  3. You will now see all of the photos that you have uploaded to Flickr.  Click on the photos that you want to add to your album in order to select them; they'll be outlined in blue and have a check box beside them.  (Click them again to deselect them.)  Then click Add to Album at the bottom of the screen.

    Select and add photos to a Flickr album

  4. A window will pop up, asking you which album you want to add the photos to.  If you want to add the photos to a completely new album, click Create New Album.

    Creating a new Flickr album

  5. You will be asked to give your album a name, and possibly add a short description about it.  Click in the box labelled "Album Title" and type in a name for your album, and then click in the box labelled "Description" and type in a short sentence or paragraph about the photos in the album.  Then click Create Album.

    Enter new Flickr album details

    After creating the album, you will return to the previous screen, where you should click Done.

  6. You can see your albums by moving your mouse cursor over You in the top-left corner and clicking Albums.  You can click on an album to view or edit it, or click on one of the symbols that appear at the bottom when you move your mouse over it to (from left to right) share the album, make a "creation" out of it, download the pictures within it, or delete it.

    Selecting a Flickr album

How to create a collection on Flickr

  1. Assuming that you're still logged into Flickr and have at least two albums, move your mouse cursor over You in the top-left corner and click Organize in the drop-down menu.

    The Flickr Organize function

  2. Click Albums and Collections in the menu across the top, and then beside "Create a New", click Collection.

    Creating a new Flickr collection

  3. A window will pop up asking you to name your collection and give it a bit of a description.  Click in the box labelled "Title" and type in a name for your collection, and then (optionally) click in the box labelled "Description" and type in a short description of your collection's theme.  Then click Create.

    Enter new Flickr collection details

  4. Your new collection will appear in the left-hand menu.  Now, to add an album or other collection to your collection (you can make collections part of other collections, up to 5 layers deep), click and hold the mouse button down on it, move your mouse to the position that you want it to be at in the collection, and then release the mouse button.

    Adding an album to a Flickr collection

  5. If you click the collection's name, you will be given further options.  You can edit its name or description, create or edit a collage of photos from the albums in that collection (very cool feature; try it out), visit the collection's page, or delete the collection.  (Don't worry; deleting a collection won't delete any albums or photos within it.)

    Settings for a Flickr collection

That's a quick how-to for how to build albums and collections in Flickr!